Christian Wald-von der Lahr
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Name Christian Wald-von der Lahr
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Gigs, Christian Wald-von der Lahr has been engaged in
Date Podcast Episode Role
2024-07-10   Grobe Pixel   The Curse of Monkey Island contributor
2024-04-05   Grobe Pixel   ScummVM contributor
2024-03-10   Grobe Pixel   Breakout contributor
2024-02-02   Grobe Pixel   Lucy Dreaming contributor
2023-12-24   Grobe Pixel   Erinnerungen an 1993 contributor
2023-11-19   Grobe Pixel   Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade contributor
2023-09-15   Grobe Pixel   Space Invaders contributor
2023-08-10   Grobe Pixel   Myst contributor
2023-05-19   Grobe Pixel   Lemmings (#23) contributor
2023-02-24   Grobe Pixel   Grim Fandango contributor