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  137 - Writing - Nathan Van Coops

Best selling science fiction author Nathan Van Coops joins the show to talk about time travel, switching genres, and launching his own streaming podcast! To learn more about Nathan check out his site:

  136 - Board Game Publishing - Jason Tagmire

Board game designer and publisher Jason Tagmire joins the show! Jason recently quit his job to become a full time publisher! To learn more about Jason or to pick up some of his wallet games, visit his site at:

  135 - Publishing - Kevin Tumlinson

Author and podcaster, Kevin Tumlinson returns to the show! He shares an update on how his writing process has evolved and talks about his new shinny gig of being a rep for Draft2Digital! If you want to learn more about Kevin, visit him at his site: htt...

  134 - Comics - Brian Anderson

Syndicated cartoonist and author Brian Anderson joins the show to talk about making comics, novels, and all-things-puppy-related! To learn more about Brian you can visit his site at:

  133 - Marketing - David Gaughran

Indy advocate, historical author, and all around awesome guy... David Gaughran joins the show to talk about his love of writing, helping out authors, and how to find your superfans. To learn more about David you can visit his site at: https://davidgaug...

  132 - Going Full Time - Jami Albright

Jami Albright returns to talk about how after launching her second solo novel she was able to quit her day job and become a full-time author! To learn more about Jami you can visit her site at:

  131 - Marketing - Ben Hale & Honoree Corder

It's double trouble as Ben Hale and Honoree Corder return to talk about their co-authored non-fiction series, "Like A Boss!"  To learn more about the series, you can visit Honoree's site at:

  130 - Writing - Ben Hale

Fantasy author Ben Hale joins the show to talk about world building, romance, balancing a family, and remembering people's names! To learn more about Ben, visit his site at:

  129 - Writing - Garrett Robinson

Hit fantasy author Garrett Robinson stops back in for a visit to update on how his career has skyrocketed since he last joined the show. To learn more about Garrett, check out his site:

  128 - Writing - Jamie Davis

Indy author and former guest Jamie Davis returns to the show to talk about how he managed to publish eight books in only five months! To learn more about Jamie visit his site at: