Sword and Scale

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  Episode 256

Several elderly women appear to have died of natural causes, until March of 2018 when a 91-year-old woman survives a brutal attack. As the pieces come together, police are led to a man named Billy Chemirmir—but unfortunately, they may be too late.
  Sword and Scale author

  Episode 255

In August of 2014, a masked thief, dressed in black, walked away with nearly $20,000 from an American Eagle store in Fort Worth, Texas. Three months later, the assistant manager of that store was found brutally murdered inside her burning apartment. We...
  Sword and Scale author

  Episode 254

In February of 2017, 28-year-old aspiring cosmetologist Shannon Graves went missing. Five months later, a young married couple in Campbell, Ohio had plans to cook dinner at home. When they opened their freezer, they unexpectedly found something that ho...
  Sword and Scale author

  Episode 253

In June of 2013, the dead body of 29-year-old Melinda Schaefer was found inside the leasing office of the Harvest View apartments in Baltimore County, Maryland. The murder scene was a complete blood bath, and due to the communal nature of the office, h...
  Sword and Scale author

  Episode 252

In July of 2010, 15-year-old Sidnee Stephens was a troubled teen with a history of mental illness and running away from home so, no one in her immediate circle was too worried when she went missing yet again. Then, her dead body was found in the town c...
  Sword and Scale author

  Episode 251

In June of 2013, 24-year-old Sarah Staudte became very ill and ended up in a hospital. Sarah’s internal organs were failing, her brain was hemorrhaging blood, and her doctors expected that Sarah was going to die. Yet, nobody could figure out the cause ...
  Sword and Scale author

  Episode 250

Amber Lynn Coplin was a 30-year-old mother of four getting her life back on track and living happily. But on November 13 of 2014, her teenage son came home to find her dead. It was obvious right away who had done this to Amber, but the full extent of h...
  Sword and Scale author

  Episode 249

On Mother’s Day weekend of 2018, a hairdresser named Joleen Cummings was reported missing after she failed to pick up her kids from their father. Soon Joleen’s car was found in a Home Depot parking lot and the mystery behind her vanishing would open up...
  Sword and Scale author

  Episode 248

Emily Noble suffered a lot of loss in the last decade of her life but she always persevered. She was physically healthy and took her mental health seriously too. She never faltered. That’s why when she went missing in May of 2020 everyone suspected fou...
  Sword and Scale author

  Episode 247

On the day before Halloween, sisters Ashlee and Lisa Rucker were shot in the head inside their Florida condominium. There were four witnesses in the apartment, but only one truly knew what happened. Soon the world would find out who was responsible for...
  Sword and Scale author