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  Episode 25: Androids, Sleep and Electric Sheep

In this episode of LoudMouse Radio we discuss strange sleep phenomenon, such as pre-hypnotic jolt, sleep paralysis, and weird-ass dreams. We also discuss “sleep tracking” using various mobile phone applications, the shifts in social dynamics caused by ...
  LoudMouse Radio author

  Episode 24: Or Is It?

Episode 24-  is actually episode 23, but shut the fuck up, because this is our podcast and we do what we want! This is our first episode with brand new equipment, and you’ll notice a difference in quality! Topics of discussion include the greatest thin...
  LoudMouse Radio author

  Episode 22: Color (Psychology) Me Impressed…!

In episode 22 Dave and Steve discuss and speculate on Color Psychology (the tendency for colors to effect moods, etc.), including how this developed during the course of our evolution. Also discusses is evolutionary mating tendencies and the recent rev...
  LoudMouse Radio author

  Episode 21: Mireika Edwards!

In episode 21 Dave and Steve Welcome special guest Mireika Edwards, who is an MMA Ring Girl for the Tuff-N-Uff promotion, a Model currently vying for the position of Maxim’s new Hometown Hottie, and a Las Vegas-Based Nursing student. The crew discusses...
  LoudMouse Radio author

  Episode 20: Asperger’s, Bitch…!

Episode 20 is here! Dave and Steve discuss what it takes to be a better person, identity and the perception of identity, and Steve drops a silly theory that Asperger’s should be called “Being a Little Bitch”. Run time is about 45 minutes. Enjoy.      
  LoudMouse Radio author

  LoudMouse Radio Episode 19: Chimps and Salsa

In episode 19 Dave and Steve discuss the legalization of vigilantism in Mexico, porn, and an experiment done with Chimpanzees, Bananas and Cold Water… There are laughs, and some sociology. What’s not to love?!  
  LoudMouse Radio author

  Episode 18: Barely Legal

It’s episode 18, which makes LoudMouse Radio “legal”! Dave and Steve start with concepts of humor, and how it’s development is a perfect example of the nature vs. nurture debate, then further the subject by discussing the biological, sociological and p...
  LoudMouse Radio author

  Episode 17: Circumcision and Loyalty

Dave and Steve go toe-to-toe on the ethical questions surrounding circumcision, Dave infers Steve has a dirty dick, then they discuss their concepts regarding loyalty and their upbringing.    
  LoudMouse Radio author

  Episode 16: Personality Types and A Revolutionary Turkey… Sandwich.

In the 16th installment of LoudMouse Radio Dave and Steve analyze the causes of revolution in Turkey, and discuss what would prohibit revolutions of that magnitude in the US. Dave outlines Meyers-Briggs Personality types, and Steve drinks a beer…!
  LoudMouse Radio author

  Episode 14: Fitness Tips From A Girl (Who could kick your ass.) Feat. Kimber Miller

Kimber Miller is a fitness trainer with a penchant for hilarity and a huge following on Instagram. Discussion topics include a potential Olympic Women’s Boxing attempt, fitness, the “steroids or not?” game, Women’s MMA, Fallon Fox (A transgender mixed ...
  LoudMouse Radio author