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  Not New Year's Resolutions

I am going to go back and try to re-upload our old catalog of Episodes.  This is the first one I found from January 2020.  Take a listen and we Hope to be back soon.
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  Ep. 107 Selecting The Proper Size Hose

This edition Seth and Will change gears a bit and dive in to some fire tactics. They look at an article published in Fire Rescue 1 about selecting the right size hose line for fire attack. you can find the article here
  StrongWorks Productions author

  Ep. 106 Loyalty: The Firm Foundation for an Effective Fire Department

This week Seth and Will look at an article by Dr. Harry Carter discussing how crucial loyalty  is in the fire service. You can find the article here.
  StrongWorks Productions author

  Ep. 105 Sick Leave, The Privilege or Abuse?

This episode Seth and Will discuss sick leave in relation to the fire department. They cover issues like mental health days and how to think of your sick leave, to issues of overtime staffing from the abuse of sick leave. 
  StrongWorks Productions author

  Ep. 104 Tom Wilson Talks Corona and EMS

This episode we are joined with popular previous guest Paramedic Tom Wilson. Seth, Will, and Tom discuss how the COVID-19 crisis has affected EMS and they also celebrate EMS Week and talk about the exciting things happening in EMS.
  StrongWorks Productions author

  Ep. 103 How To Handle The Rogue Firefighter

Seth and Will discuss an article found on about the rogue firefighter in the firehouse. You can find the article here
  StrongWorks Productions author

  Ep. 102 Colt Thompson Interview

This edition Seth and Will are joined by guest firefighter Colt "Swimchamp" Thompson and have him talk about his involvement in inspiring firefighters to have good health through a Peer Fitness Program.
  StrongWorks Productions author

  Ep. 101 The New Normal

In this episode Seth and Will take a look at how society has changed due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and some ways to survive though it.
  StrongWorks Productions author

  Ep. 100 Chief Rick Lasky Interview

This momentous episode we interview the great Chief Rick Lasky. We discuss firehouse mentors, Chief Lasky's books, and speaking at FDIC. If you have any comments or questions fell free to contact the show at, or look us up o...
  StrongWorks Productions author

  Ep. 99 Ten Not New Years Resolutions

This episode Seth and Will discuss an article that is about 10 words of wisdom from a Sgt. Major of the Army. Also discussed in detail is New Years Resolutions, coyote hunting, leadership, and figgy pudding.
  StrongWorks Productions author