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  S27:E8 - Learning AI (Matt Eland)

Meet Matt Eland, AI Specialist at Leading EDJE. Matt shares what sparked his passion for AI years ago, why he’s made the decision to go back to school for his master's degree and how he aims to continue spreading his expertise with the community. Show ...
  CodeNewbie author

  S27:E7 - Tech and Art (Chris Immel)

Meet Chris Immel, AI Engineer and Digital Artist at Luminifera Projects. Chris shares how he works to create a symbiosis between software development and art and why he remains optimistic when it comes to the AI revolution. Show Links Partner with Dev ...
  CodeNewbie author

  S27:E6 - The Crossover of Health, Technology and Art (Daniel Bourke)

Meet Daniel Bourke, Founder of mrdbourke Studios and Founder of Nutrify. Daniel shares his experiences trying to learn to code four different times before it finally stuck, how he’s combining his passions for health, technology and art and the time he ...
  CodeNewbie author

  S27:E5 - Navigating the AI Evolution (Chelsea Kaufman)

Meet Chelsea Kaufman, Founder and CEO of LEARN Academy Chelsea shares why her background in theater set her up perfectly to found LEARN Academy, an AI native coding bootcamp, how she’s seen the bootcamp landscape evolve over the years and what role she...
  CodeNewbie author

  S27:E4 - Living the Dream with AI (Rob Frelow)

Meet Rob Frelow, Co-founder & Chief AI Officer at The Storygraph. Rob shares how a trip in his friend’s Tesla led him to enroll in his first AI course, how he broke into AI later in his career and his experience truly living the dream waking up eac...
  CodeNewbie author

  S27:E3 - Helping You Build Machine Learning Products (Pau Labarta Bajo)

Meet Pau Bajo, Machine Learning Engineer and Educator at Real-World Machine Learning. Pau talks to Saron about transitioning from working daily in Excel to Python, why data is everything, and what skills early developers need to foster if they want a c...
  CodeNewbie author

  S27:E2 - The Journey from Sound Engineer to Software Engineer (Alejandro Aspinwall)

In this week’s episode, we explore the journey of Alejandro Aspinwall, a Frontend Engineer at Amazon. You’ll hear how Alejandro began his career deeply immersed in the world of music and what led him to transition to the world of tech. He emphasizes th...
  CodeNewbie author

  S27:E1 - Nurturing Relationships for AI Excellence (Shawn Charles)

Meet Shawn Charles, Developer Advocate & Community Manager at The Hunt. Shawn shares with Saron how he got into tech solely by building and maintaining websites for local businesses, what inspired him to level up by enrolling in a bootcamp, and his...
  CodeNewbie author

  S26:E8 - Being Open to the Unexpected (Katherine Evans)

Meet Katherine Evans, Lead Engineering Instructor at Actualize Coding Bootcamp and Senior Software Engineer at Neon One. Katherine walks us through her journey from bootcamp student to bootcamp teacher, sharing tips for recent grads looking to land the...
  CodeNewbie author

  S26:E7 - Thoughts on Degrees and Bootcamps (Johnny Proano)

Saron speaks with Johnny Proano, Associate Software Engineer at Hilton Grand Vacations. Initially drawn to code while building his personal DJ website, Johnny took the full leap with the support of his family. Johnny discusses his initial belief that a...
  CodeNewbie author