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Betty and Daniel opine on how to swallow drugs, what poop can do for your life, and why exactly Daniel doesn't eat meat.
  Daniel Duncan author

  What's Your Problem 1

In this episode, Betty and Daniel welcome Jenn and Aaron from (or if you prefer) to talk about the Charlottesville incidents. Apologies for the late upload, Daniel has been working almost non-stop since this epsiode p...
  Daniel Duncan author


In this episode, we hit a somewhat accidental theme of Healthcare. Betty and Daniel talk shit about the Pharma Bro in One Less Problem, then Susan Collins and Jan Murkowski in Banging Bitch of the Week, and have a dramatic reading of some Drunk Texts. ...
  Daniel Duncan author


In episode 2, Betty and Daniel take a second look in the Bang Bag, Discuss Complete Proteins in Fucking Bacon Daniel, and in Elizabeth Cady Stanton in Banging Bitch From Before.
  Daniel Duncan author


In episode 1, Betty and Daniel start with a look in Betty's Bang Bag, Hang out in Vague-us, Discuss some Hypocritical Holy Rollers on healthcare, and Seitan, a meat alternative in Fucking Bacon Daniel!
  Daniel Duncan author


Due to creative differences, the show will be going through some changes, if it continues at all. At the minimum, it will be moving RSS feeds and the prior episodes will no longer be available. I wanted to give the audience an opportunity to download a...
  Shane Thrapp author

  The Podunk Polymath Podcast Palace stories

If we met you at Reasoncon and didn't mention you, please forgive us.There were legitmately too many awesome people and too much alcohol flowing. Apologies if you are just starting to listen, don't feel like you need to continue on. We do this for fun....
  ST&DD Productions author

  Reasoncon Love

Hotel room chatting
  ST&DD Productions author

  ReasonCon2 Celebrity Skeparody

special thanks to Andy Cowen at orlyradio.comCass and Bob at everyone'sagnostic.comprofessor StephenDavid Smalley from Dogmadebate.comPhil Ferguson of the Phil Ferguson showCallie Wright from the Gaytheist ManifestoAndrew Garber from the Atheist Roundt...
  ST&DD Productions author

  Author Marissa Alexa McCool
  ST&DD Productions author