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  EPS 2: Endless Evolution - Part 2: The PIT

I'm your host, Chris Duffin. In today's Enddelss Evolution episode 2, titled "The Pit," we delve into those moments in life where we feel like we've hit rock bottom. We explore the essential framework to navigate through these low points, leveraging th...
  Chris Duffin author

  EPS 1: Endless Evolution - Part 1: The Plunge

Welcome to the debut episode of the Endless Evolution series, titled "Part 1 The Plunge," where we unpack the transformative power of overcoming life's challenges. Join our host Chris Duffin, a renowned engineer, author, and mastermind behind Kabuki St...
  Chris Duffin author

  Architect of Resilience #014: Travis "Papa Bear" Rogers talks with Chris Duffin

Travis Rogers, an elite powerlifter, joins us to share his harrowing journey through severe injuries that could have ended his career—starting with a bilateral quad rupture, moving through a double calf tear leading to compartment syndrome, and an elbo...
  Chris Duffin author

  Architect of Resilience #013: Tamara Walcott talks with Chris Duffin

In today's episode 13, we're excited to welcome Tamara Walcott, a powerhouse of positivity and determination. Tamara, a world-class powerlifter with a heart as fierce as her lifts, shares her inspiring story of transformation and empowerment. Joining o...
  Chris Duffin author

  Architect of Resilience #012: Stan Efferding talks with Chris Duffin

Chris Duffin sits down with the legendary Stan Efferding, a man who has smashed powerlifting records, achieved IFBB pro status, and innovated nutrition with the Vertical Diet. Stan is here to share his invaluable experience, from working hand-in-hand w...
  Chris Duffin author

  Architect of Resilience #011: Joe Mackey talks with Chris Duffin

In today's episode, we introduce Joe Mackey, an IFBB pro bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and veritable architect of his own life – crafting a legacy of power not just in the gym but also in the resilience he shows in every facet of his life. From navigating...
  Chris Duffin author

  Architect of Resilience #010: George Esquivel talks with Chris Duffin

Today we've got the incredible George Esquivel joining us to share a remarkable journey of triumph over adversity. As the creator of a luxury shoe brand worn by celebrities and musicians, George seems to have it all. But his path to success was anythin...
  Chris Duffin author

  Architect of Resilience #009: Michael Gervais talks with Chris Duffin

📖 In this episode, Michael Gervais takes us beyond the surface, sharing insights from his book, "The First Rule of Mastery," and discussing the evolutionary challenges of fear, high performance, and the stoic path to self-discovery. Dr. Michael Gervais...
  Chris Duffin author

  Architect of Resilience #008: Mike Tuchscherer talks with Chris Duffin

Mike, the founder of Reactive Training Systems and a herald of the RPE scale, joins us today to share his journey from a young lifter writing programs from bodybuilding books to becoming a master of load management and strength training wisdom. Togethe...
  Chris Duffin author

  Architect of Resilience #007: Phil Daru talks with Chris Duffin

Welcome to the "Architect of Resilience Podcast," where we dive deep into the minds of those who have built their lives around the art of enduring and thriving amidst challenges. I’m your host, Chris Duffin, and in this episode, we're joined by the mul...
  Chris Duffin author