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  BEP 61: Telephoning - Handling Enquiries and Requests

In this podcast lesson, we’re going to look at how to respond to telephone enquiries, and how to handle requests from callers. To respond properly to enquiries, you should be able to answer the caller’s questions and give them the information they a...

  BEP 19 - Chasing Up Payment by Telephone

  As anyone working in business knows, getting people to pay their bills on time is not always easy. Often, other companies, suppliers and retailers don’t pay because of filing or communication errors—with thousands of bills, invoices, receipts and s...

  BEP 02 - How to Lead a Meeting

This podcast is from the beginning and end of a meeting held to discuss some urgent building work at a factory. It’s going to be run in a more formal style with firm direction from the chairperson because it involves making a decision about an expensi...

  BEP 36: Talking about your Company and Work

Meeting new people is an important part of working in a business environment. The contacts we make on an everyday basis help us to expand our knowledge about our business and create a network of people who we can turn to for help or advice with our wo...

  BEP 04 - Business Negotiations - General Skills

In this podcast we’re looking at negotiating. A negotiation is a discussion that should result in an agreement or business contract. The discussion is usually between two parties - or organisations - trying to reach an agreement satisfactory to both. ...

  BEP 64: Dealing with Persistent Callers

Persistent callers are people who keep calling until they can speak to a certain person. It may be your job to answer the phone and speak several times to the same caller. The caller may be trying to sell something, or may want to talk to someone in y...

  BEP 84: Business Small Talk - Discussing Routine and Recent Past

Introduction Small talk is important because it helps to break the ice. Learn to engage in small talk at job interviews, sales meetings, or other business meetings and encounters. If it doesn't come naturally to you, take a few minutes beforehand to t...

  BEP 82: Small Talk - Discussing a Colleague

Introduction Small talk is essential in business. Whether you’re speaking to a colleague, a client or a customer, a little social chat will help to strengthen the relationship you have with them. Small talk doesn’t need to be limited to informal situa...

  BEP 74: Giving and Receiving Verbal Instructions

IntroductionThe ability to understand verbal instructions is a necessary requirement in most workplaces across all industries. Giving verbal instructions is often the quickest and most effective way to communicate ideas. Having said this, verbal commun...

  BEP 48: Sales - Pitching New Offers

IntroductionWhen you call a customer on the telephone to makes a sales pitch, you are essentially cold calling, and the customer is not likely to know what your call is about until you explain why you are calling. It is important to explain and ask for...