Spanish Quickies (Audio)

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  Spanish Immersion

Learn all about Spanish immersion schools: how they work, how to choose a school, how long to stay, the cost, safety (including single women), accommodation options (including what to request for the best experience), my favorite schools and more. Stuf...
  The Spanish Dude author

  Escuchar Vs. Oír (A Full Investigation)

They tell us that “escuchar” means “to listen” and “oír” means “to hear”. But then, in the real world, we see the EXACT OPPOSITE all the time–not only in a few situations. In this video, I’ll show you what is going on. Stuff Mentioned in This Video: FR...
  The Spanish Dude author

  Ver Vs. Mirar (Why They're Confusing)

I was taught that “ver” means “to see” and “mirar” means “to watch” or “to look”. But, in the real world, I often saw and heard the exact opposite. In this video, I show you WHAT is going on! Stuff Mentioned in This Video: FREE PRACTICE RESOURCES (open...
  The Spanish Dude author

  Spanish Sentence Construction: Two Conjugated Verbs in a Row

In this video, I show you a common reason why you might see two conjugated verbs in a row (as opposed to one conjugated verb followed by a verb in the infinitive form). Show notes: The Infinitive & Conjugation Logical Spanish Lifetime Membership On...
  The Spanish Dude author

  One Line at a Time: Hubo Vs. Había

It used to drive me crazy when I’d see the same sentence in the same context–except one used “hubo” and the other used “había”. In this video, I explain how that could be. Show notes: One Line at a Time, All Episodes Sign Up for Updates PLAYLIST: Prete...
  The Spanish Dude author

  One Line at a Time (Comer Vs. Comerse)

What’s the difference between NORMAL “comer” and REFLEXIVE “comer”? Find out in this video! Show notes: One Line at a Time, All Episodes Sign Up for Updates PLAYLIST: Reflexiveness & Se
  The Spanish Dude author

  How to Say "I Can't Wait" in Spanish (to show excitement)

In this video, we talk about how to say “I can’t wait” when we’re excited about something. And, what I show you in this video doesn’t 100% jive with what a Spanish teacher once told me. Show Notes: Videos about Prepositions Videos about Pronouns Vocabu...
  The Spanish Dude author

  7 Uses of "Quedar" in Less Than 6 Minutes

In this video, I show you seven uses of the verb “quedar” in less than six minutes. Show notes: Download The “Quedar” Chart Enroll in the “Quedar” Mini-Course Become a Lifetime Member Get the T-Shirt Sign up for Free Updates P.S. After much deliberatio...
  The Spanish Dude author

  The 7 Most Common Uses of the Spanish Verb "Quedar"

In this video, we go over the seven most common ways that “quedar” is used. Ninety-five percent of the time that you see “quedar” used in REAL LIFE, it will be used in one of these seven ways. Show notes: Download The “Quedar” Chart Enroll in the “Qued...
  The Spanish Dude author

  3 Ways of Saying "To Try": Intentar Vs. Probar Vs. Tratar De

In this video, we compare three verbs that CAN all mean “to try”: “intentar,” “probar” and “tratar”. We’ll talk about when to use which, plus when they’re interchangeable and when they’re NOT. Stuff mentioned in this video: Spanish Tibits, All Episodes...
  The Spanish Dude author