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  SmallvilleCast Talk Episode 200 - BATMAN V SUPERMAN Fan REACTION!

Join us as we discuss the fans reaction to BATMAN V SUPERMAN Screening.
  Jesus Heredia author

  SmallvilleCast Talk Episode 199 - Post New York Comic Con

Today we will be discussing any post NYC Comic Con news on the upcoming BATMAN V SUPERMAN Film.
  Jesus Heredia author

  SmallvilleCast Talk Episode 198 - Batman V Superman New York Comic Con

Find out the latest regarding New York Comic Con. Join in on the Podcast as we discuss what is going on in the world of Smallville and Superman at this year's NYC Comic Con.
  Jesus Heredia author

  SmallvilleCast Talk Episode 197 - Batman V Superman Comic Con Trailer Part 2

Tonight we talk about what happend at Comic Con San Diego and the release of the new Batman V Superman.
  Jesus Heredia author

  SmallvilleCast Talk Episode 196 MAN OF STEEL 2 coming soon....

Join us on the discussion of the upcoming BATMAN v SUPERMAN / DC UNIVERSE / and the possible MAN OF STEEL 2 movie. If you are a fan of the show please call in and be part of the magic as fans unite and talk about their favorite man in BLUE....SUPERMAN...
  Jesus Heredia author

  SmallvilleCast Talk Episode 195 - SUPERGIRLTALK Podcast Announcement

Join us as we announce our new podcast to our library SUPERGIRLTALK Podcast. Join in on the Superman / Smallville Fun!
  Jesus Heredia author

  SmallvilleCast Talk Episode 194 - Superman's New Costume, YES or NO?

When The New 52 rebooted the DC Universe back in 2011, that meant pretty much every DC comic book character got a new costume. A large portion of the Justice League – including Batman, Superman, and The Flash – received similar updates (courtesy of Jim...
  Jesus Heredia author

  SmallvilleCast Talk Episode 193 - SUPERMAN'S NEW SUPERPOWER???

Ahead of the debut of the Man of Steel’s new power and costume in Wednesday’s Superman #38, DC Comics has released a graphic charting the history of his abilities, from super-speed to flight to, now, super flare.The conclusion of the “Men of Tomorrow” ...
  Jesus Heredia author

  SmallvilleCast Talk Episode 192 - Melissa Benoist Is Supergirl: CBS Pilot

Melissa Benoist got her break when she was cast as a female lead in the William McKinley High School storyline on Glee when most of the Fox dramedy’s original stars saw their characters either move to New York or leave the show.Based on the characters ...
  Jesus Heredia author

  SmallvilleCast Talk Episode 191 - Story Behind Batman Vs. Superman Easter Egg

Join us on the buzz as we discuss the Batman v. Superman easter eggs from I AM LEGEND. Lets dive in and see what would have happen if it came to fruition.
  Jesus Heredia author