Sunday Night Slamcasters

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  Sunday Night Slamcasters 9/24/17: No Mercy 2017

Neville vs Enzo, Cena vs Reigns, Lesnar vs Strowman, and the Fatal Five-Way for the Women's Championship. Aaron's betting fate hangs in the balance! Recording date: 9/24/17
  Sunday Night Slamcasters author

  Sunday Night Slamcasters: BIG BETS โ€“ No Mercy 2017

We're back after a long break between Pay-Per-Views with No Mercy! Is it Strowman's time?? Will Aaron be eliminated from betting competition?? Recording date: 9/23/17
  Sunday Night Slamcasters author

  Sunday Night Slamcasters: NXT Takeover Brooklyn III and Summerslam 2017

Asuka vs Moon, Roode vs McIntyre, Cesaro/Sheamus vs Ambrose/Rollins, Mahal vs Nakamura, and a Fatal 4 Way for the Universal Championship! There were eight hours of wrestling this weekend. Recording date: 8/20/17
  Sunday Night Slamcasters author

  Sunday Night Slamcasters: Battleground 2017

Usos vs New Day, Nakamura vs Corbin, Styles vs Owens, and PUNJABI PRISON MATCH III. Recording date: 7/23/17
  Sunday Night Slamcasters author

  Sunday Night Slamcasters: Great Balls of Fire 2017

Bliss vs Banks, Cesaro & Sheamus vs The Hardys Ironman Match, Lesnar vs Joe, and the Attempted Assassination of Braun Stroman by the Coward Roman Reigns. Recording date: 7/9/17
  Sunday Night Slamcasters author

  Sunday Night Slamcasters: BIG BETS โ€“ Great Balls of Fire 2017

Goodness gracious. Recording date: 7/8/17
  Sunday Night Slamcasters author

  Sunday Night Slamcasters: Money in the Bank 2017

Usos vs New Day! Mahal vs Orton! The Men and Women's MITB Ladder Matches! A night of crappy finishes with a few highlights. Recording date: 6/18/17
  Sunday Night Slamcasters author

  Sunday Night Slamcasters: BIG BETS โ€“ Money in the Bank 2017

The WWE Fatigue sets in as we take our shots at what will hopefully be a fun night! Recording date: 6/17/17
  Sunday Night Slamcasters author

  Sunday Night Slamcasters: Extreme Rules 2017

Ambrose vs Miz, Hardys vs Cesaro and Sheamus, Neville vs Aries, and a fatal five-way for the #1 contendership! We almost forgot this pay-per-view existed! Recording date: 6/4/17
  Sunday Night Slamcasters author

  Sunday Night Slamcasters: NXT Takeover Chicago and Backlash 2017

Roode vs Itami, AoP vs #DIY, Nakamura vs Ziggler, Orton vs Mahal! We run down a not-so predictable card and wonder if we'll ever love again. Recording date: 5/21/17
  Sunday Night Slamcasters author