Procurement Uncovered with Kris Wozniak

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  Episode 005 - Power Correction and How You Can Save!

In this episode, Kris and Christian explore cost effective ways for clients to reduce energy costs and easy ways for Procurement folk to leverage these opportunities!
  Kris Wozniak author

  Episode 004 - Procure It Right with Bundaberg Regional Council

In this episode, we are joined by Jennifer Marshallsea, Manager Strategic Supply at Bundaberg Regional Council and Steve O'Keeffe, Product Manager at Procure It. On the buyer side, we discussed how Bundaberg Regional Council identified a need in techno...
  Kris Wozniak author

  Episode 003 - Talking Tough with Fibre Tech Solutions! Featuring Tristan Cross

In this episode, we are joined by Tristan Cross, Managing Director of Fibre Tech Solutions. We discussed the importance of how purchasing the right fibre can reduce risk, increase productivity ratings and how procurement folk can leverage the opportuni...
  Kris Wozniak author

  Episode 002 - Finding Your Perfect Match with Matchboard! Featuring Sharon Melamed

In this episode, we are joined by Sharon Melamed, Managing Director of Matchboard. We discussed how matchboard can assist procurement folk to find their perfect supplier match within their organisation. Sharon also entered the very first Procurement Ho...
  Kris Wozniak author

  Episode 001 - Introducing Your Host Kris Wozniak

This episode I introduce myself and explain my background on how I came to love procurement. We also explore where Procurement Uncovered will be heading in 2017 and how you can be a part of the show.
  Kris Wozniak author