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  Myanmar’s Jungle Revolutionaries

Kate Adie introduces stories from Myanmar, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Mexico.In Myanmar, tens of thousands of people have been killed since the military seized power in a coup in 2021, halting the country’s tentative transition to democracy - a further 2....
  BBC Radio 4 author

  Inside the trial of Donald Trump

Kate Adie presents stories from the US, Russia, Afghanistan, Germany and BhutanIt’s been a week of high drama in Manhattan as Donald Trump’s former ally and fixer, Michael Cohen took to the witness stand in the former President’s criminal trial. Kayla ...
  BBC Radio 4 author

  Heightened tensions in Georgia over 'foreign agents' bill

Kate Adie presents stories from Georgia, Serbia, Colombia, Thailand and the PhilippinesGeorgians have been protesting for weeks about a draft legislation requiring organisations to declare foreign funding, which many see as a turning point in Tbilisi's...
  BBC Radio 4 author

  US student protests and the youth vote

Kate Adie introduces stories from the US, Portugal, the South China Sea, Argentina and Antarctica.University campuses across the US have been gripped by protests over the war in Gaza, with students demanding their schools divest from Israeli interests....
  BBC Radio 4 author

  The Rise and Fall of Nagorno Karabakh

Katie Adie presents dispatches from Armenia, India, China, Belgium and the Middle East.The flight of more than 100,000 Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh last year, after a rapid offensive by Azerbaijan, quickly faded from news headlines. Tim Whewell reme...
  BBC Radio 4 author

  The Ayatollah and Israel

Kate Adie introduces dispatches on Iran, Ukraine, South Africa, Portugal and Hong Kong.As the world nervously watches the developments between Iran and Israel, Lyse Doucet reflects on the rise of Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Since com...
  BBC Radio 4 author

  A perilous moment between Israel and Iran

Kate Adie presents stories from Israel, Nigeria, the US, Lithuania and FranceTensions between Iran and Israel this week have ramped up further after Tehran issued a warning that it would retaliate for a recent strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascu...
  BBC Radio 4 author

  Returning to Rwanda

Kate Adie introduces stories from Rwanda, Estonia, St Helena and Puerto Rico.This weekend marks the start of the genocide in Rwanda that led to the death of more than 800,000 people – most from the country’s Tutsi minority. Three decades on, Emma Ailes...
  BBC Radio 4 author

  Prospects for Peace in the Middle East

Kate Adie introduces stories from Israel and the Palestinian Territories, India, Tibet, Ireland and Guinea.What are the prospects for peace between Israel and the Palestinians? Yolande Knell has been asking Israelis and Palestinians about their hopes a...
  BBC Radio 4 author

  Surviving 'chemical detention' in Belarus

Kate Adie introduces stories from Belarus, Senegal, the US-Mexico border, Cambodia and Brazil.Political prisoners in Belarus attract less international attention than those in Russia - but there are far more of them, even in a smaller country. Many are...
  BBC Radio 4 author