Notes in Spanish Intermediate

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  NIS Intermediate News Update

A quick news update to let you know about our new Advanced podcast, Notes in Spanish Conversations. Sign up for the new podcast feed at

  NIS Intermediate 046 - La Nueva Inmigracion

A new wave of immigration is taking place worldwide, especially here in Europe, and it's having far reaching and often unpleasant effects. See for the accompanying transcript/worksheet.

  NIS Intermediate 045 - Vacaciones en Espana

What's the best way to travel round Spain in Summer? Where should you sleep, what towns should you visit? See for the accompanying transcript/worksheet.

  NIS Intermediate 044 - El Himno Nacional

Spain tries to get some lyrics for its national anthem and controversy erupts! See for the accompanying transcript/worksheet.

  NIS Intermediate 043 - La Tele Esta Rota

The TV has broken and we don't know how long we can hold on! And how long until the infinite video club arrives in our living room? See for the accompanying transcript/worksheet.

  NIS Intermediate 042 - La Mafia

We look at the extraordinary range of mafias in Europe and discover just how many there are, and what they are up to, in Spain. See for the accompanying transcript/worksheet.

  NIS Int 041 - El Cine Español

How will a new law affect Spanish film-goers? What's going on in the world on Spanish film? See for the accompanying worksheet and to comment!

  NIS Int 040 - Huertas Solares

Ben and Marina discuss the use of fields of solar panels to overcome energy problems in Spain, but wonder about the future of our landscapes... see for the accompanying worksheets.

  NIS Int 039 - Heroes

Ben and Marina talk about the TV show Heroes, and extraordinary changes that have taken place in the world in the recent past... See to pick up the accompanying worksheets.

  NIS Int 038 - Ole por Radiohead

As Radiohead shake up the music industry, we look at how the big record labels treat us like criminals, and how it isn't going to do them any good in the long run... See for a full transcript on our accompanying worksheets.