Notes in Spanish Gold

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  Notes in Spanish Gold News Update

A quick news update to let you know about our new Advanced podcast, Notes in Spanish Conversations. Sign up for the new podcast feed at

  NIS-Gold2-ep.24 - Supersticiones

Ben and Marina talk about how superstitious the Spanish are, and some of Spain’s favourite superstitions. Get the worksheets at

  NIS-Gold2-ep.23 - De Libros…

Ben and Marina look at the reading habits of the Spanish, and what it tells us about the Spanish today. Get the worksheets at

  NIS-Gold2-ep.22 - Impacto Cero

Ben and Marina try to live a no-impact week, and discover that rubbish is one of the biggest problems in their lives! Get the worksheets at

  NIS-Gold2-ep.21 - Velocidad

Ben and Marina discuss the reasons for, and attitudes towards, the new speed reduction on Spanish highways, and how it doesn’t fit in with the speed increase on Madrid’s pavements! Get the worksheets at

  NIS-Gold2-ep.20 - Colon

Ben and Marina discuss the life of Cristóbal Colón (Columbus), and look at whether the tyrannical side of him portrayed in the film ‘Tambien la lluvia’ is really accurate or not. Get the worksheets at

  NIS-Gold2-ep.19 - Pueblos en Transicion

Ben and Marina discuss life after Peak Oil, and the fascinating Transition Town initiative that is sweeping through the UK and beyond, promising to help us thrive in an oil-reduced future. Get the worksheets at

  NIS-Gold2-ep.18 - Guernica

Ben and Marina discuss Guernica – the fascinating story of a Picasso’s involvement in the Spanish civil war, and the birth of his great symbolic painting. Get the worksheets at

  NIS-Gold2-ep.17 - Al Andalus

Ben and Marina discuss the Moorish reign in Spain, and the clear influences we can see in Spanish life and culture today. Get the worksheets at

  NIS-Gold2-ep.16 - Coincidencias

Ben and Marina look at the strange world of coincidences and discuss whether it is all down to probability and statistics, or whether there is something else going on… Get the worksheets at