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  Movies: The Time Machine (1960)

Based on the 1895 H. G. Wells book by the same name, this movie was made in 1960 and while that means some potentially cringey special effects, the story line overpowers any of that. Stephen knows it and loves it, but Trev's never seen it - and being s...
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  #586 PRIVATE - Immigration is key

Just the usual gibber
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  TBTT #586 - Netflix Password Sharing is over

We knew it was coming, but it's finally here. After launching in Canada and New Zealand in February the Netflix crackdown on account sharing is now active in Australia with Aussies upset they can no longer share their passwords with mates or family mem...
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  EFTM: Optus SubHub saving you money and your tech questions

I'm back after a world of drama last week - more on that, and the plan for the next few weeks on today's show. Plus your calls on everything from TV to Baseball and F1 - not a sports podcast, but it ticks my boxes! And Clive Dickens from Optus covers o...
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  Tech Guide #552 - Running with the Rabbitohs and an MG ZS EV, Netgear Orbi review, ASUS ROG Ally

I’m catching up with the Rabbitohs at their new performance centre with an EV from their sponsors MG Motor, Amazon has released new Echo speakers for your home and your car, Optus has released an AI-powered feature that can add a lot of fun to your cal...
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  Movies: Wall Street

An insiders look at Wall Street focussing on the aspirations of a young Bud Fox played by Charlie Sheen. His desire to land the "Elephant" could make or break him. Michael Douglas stars in a cracking cast including Daryl Hannah and Martin Sheen, and it...
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  #585 PRIVATE - Two Entitled Blokes

Probably not.
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  TBTT #585 - Apple's back at it

Stephen's not happy with Elon - we'll get to that in part. But Apple is back with lots of news. From Satellite SOS calls to Voice emulators and Small Business payment systems it's all happening. Telstra's prices go up, should they be reaching out to c...
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  Tech Guide #551 - Tesla cancels Model S in Australia, Emergency SOS via satellite on iPhone 14, Pixel 7a review

Tesla has cancelled the new Model S EV for Australian customers – and we’re not happy, Emergency SOS via satellite is now active in Australia and New Zealand, Segway-Ninebot has launched its new line up of electric scooters, we take a look at the Googl...
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  Movies: Identity

We're confident this is a new one for most people. Stephen has watched Identity before, and loves it, so takes this chance to introduce Trevor to it for the very first time. So if it's your first watch, or not - flick it on Fetch on your Hisense TV an...
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author