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  #611 PRIVATE - The Doco

Great idea, won't happen
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  TBTT #611 - The misinformation age and scammers too

Trev's got a bee in his bonnet about the spread of misinformation about new technology. Stephen looks at the worry around identity fraud as we look at Scam Awareness week The Hisense TV that impresses in many ways, the lack of support for Recycling o...
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  EFTM: Scam Awareness Week - lots to learn, and still calls to take!

It's National Scam Awareness Week and there's a lot to unpack, mainly that we should all be aware of what's out there and stay protected where we can. Plus also, share your knowledge with your family so no-one you know becomes a victim. Plus I find my...
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  Tech Guide #578 - Australians paying high broadband prices, M3 MacBook Pro review

Australians are paying some of the highest prices for home broadband compared to other countries, only one per cent of Australians are recycling their old mobile devices, Telstra releases new speed and latency optimiser packs on its network, we take a ...
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  Movies: Oceans Eleven

When you put this cast in one movie, it's bound to be good right? Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Andy García, Julia Roberts,Elliott Gould, Bernie Mac, Carl Reiner - I mean come on. So what does Trev think? Stephen loves it, so how does it al...
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  #610 PRIVATE - F1 In Vegas and a Sad Farewell

RIP Ziggy
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  TBTT #610 - The end of an Era at Optus, thank goodness and Gina's calls for Facebook to lift it's game!

Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin steps down, so what is going on, and just how can the company recover. Who might be the next CEO and could it be Gladys? The blokes have strong views on this and also what the company needs to do next. Plus Gina Rinehart ...
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  EFTM: Bye Bye Kelly, Optus CEO is gone - plus online shopping tips and your tech calls

I don't want to say I told you so, but I told you so. Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin is gone, so I've got a list of people they should be looking at for the top job. Plus shopping tips from PayPal's shopping expert making sure you stay safe this Black...
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  Tech Guide #577 - Optus CEO quits, messaging equity between iPhone and Android

The Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin has resigned after the outage and following a Senate inquiry, Apple to adopt a new standard to bring messaging equality between iPhone and Android, we go behind the scenes at Oppo to see how their devices go from conc...
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author

  Movies: Crimson Tide

It's not red, it's Crimson, the Crimson Tide tells the story of rules, regulations, commands, concerns, questions and morals in the world of Nuclear War. A modern world far from the battle fields of yesteryear, you are challenges to follow the story, f...
  Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech author