Foundations of Amateur Radio

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  RF is all around us ... starting your own station frequency survey

Foundations of Amateur Radio As a self-proclaimed radio nerd I'm aware of the various amateur bands. Depending on your license, your familiarity will likely vary. I've never been on 6m for example, but I have a good working relationship with the 10m b...
  Onno VK6FLAB author

  It's all just text!

Foundations of Amateur Radio The other day I had an interesting exchange with a contest manager and it's not the first time I've had this dance. As you might know, pretty much every weekend marks at least one on-air amateur radio contest. Following ru...
  Onno VK6FLAB author

  Are you up for a global party?

Foundations of Amateur Radio Did you know that on the 18th of April, 1925 a group of radio amateurs had a meeting in Paris? During that meeting they formed an organisation that still exists today. Before I get into that, let me share a list of names. ...
  Onno VK6FLAB author

  What's with all that lack of noise?

Foundations of Amateur Radio During the weekend I participated in a contest. Before you get all excited, it was only for a couple of hours over a few different sittings and while I had plenty of fun, of the eleven QRP, or low power, contacts I made, n...
  Onno VK6FLAB author

  The skyhook dilemma ...

Foundations of Amateur Radio Whenever I'm out in the bush in the process of erecting some or other wire contraption, uh, antenna, I cannot help but think of the iconic Australian rock band, Skyhooks, not for their glam rock inspired music, nor for the...
  Onno VK6FLAB author

  Technology at its finest ...

Foundations of Amateur Radio So, the 19th of February 2024 came and went. As it was, my day started with the highest minimum that month, 27.5 degrees Celsius, that's the minimum overnight temperature. The maximum that day here in Perth, Western Austra...
  Onno VK6FLAB author

  The Art of finding an operating location

Foundations of Amateur Radio When you operate your station portable, either for fun, or for points, you might be surprised to learn that getting on air and making noise isn't quite as simple as bringing a radio and turning it on. Aside from the need ...
  Onno VK6FLAB author

  Getting things done .. or not.

Foundations of Amateur Radio Have you ever had a day when nothing you started actually got anywhere? I've had a fortnight like that. Several weeks ago I wrote a couple of articles about emergency communications and its tenuous relationship with our ho...
  Onno VK6FLAB author

  Writing to the regulator about amateur beacon and repeater licenses.

Foundations of Amateur Radio A few weeks ago I discovered that the regulations for amateur radio in Australia had some definitions that caused me to wonder if 2,312 amateurs in VK, me among them, had been operating illegally? Specifically it appeared...
  Onno VK6FLAB author

  What is amateur radio as an emergency response?

Foundations of Amateur Radio I recently discussed some of the notions of amateur radio as emergency response. The idea that you might jump into the breach and be a hero is appealing and often celebrated. The American Radio Relay League, or ARRL, prou...
  Onno VK6FLAB author