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  David Stirling on the Life-Changing Rewards of Immersion & His Experience Teaching English in Thailand

David Stirling is a Thailand-based English teacher from the UK and the founder of ⁠⁠, which helps English learners build the language skills they need to get their dream job. In the interview, we discuss: How David fell in love with...

  Author & Digital Nomad Daniel Rusteen on How He Learned Spanish After Two Failed Attempts

Daniel Rusteen is an author, full-time traveler, digital nomad, short-term rental expert, and former Airbnb employee. He is best known for his books Optimize Your BnB and Profitable Properties, but he has also written a book on learning languages: Zilc...

  Former Airborne Cryptologic Linguist Ian Fritz on What He Learned at the Defense Language Institute & Spying on the Taliban

Ian Fritz is the author of What the Taliban Told Me, a nuanced look at what it was like to undertake intensive language training at The Defense Language Institute (DLI) in not one, but two languages (Dari and Pashto), serve as an "Airborne Cryptologic ...

  Language Coach Stéphane Angeles on How to Use the "Barbie Method" & Improve All 4 Language Skills

Coach Stéphane Angeles is a language coach who helps expats speak better Spanish through expert habit formation strategies, accountability, and one-on-one guidance via Zoom and audio check-ins. In the interview, we discuss: Why you should use a walki...

  LightSpeed Spanish Founders Gordon Smith & Cynthia Durán on Banishing Fear & Mastering Spanish Accents

Gordon Smith and Cynthia Durán are the dynamic duo behind LightSpeed Spanish, where they teach people Spanish through courses, books, and online lessons. In this conversation, we discuss: How Gordon fell in love with Spanish, how Cynthia fell in lo...

  Coach Elena Mutonono on How to Build a Sustainable, Profitable & Rewarding Online Language Teaching Business

Elena Mutonono is a business coach, author, and former English teacher who helps overwhelmed online language teachers work less but make more while better serving students along the way. In her words: "I help overwhelmed and exhausted online language...

  S4 E10 – How Real Fast Spanish Founder Andrew Barr Went From a Monolingual Aussie to a Budding Polyglot

Despite doing well in other school subjects, Andrew Barr failed French in secondary school. Upon hearing this news, his supportive father assured him: "The Barrs don't do languages. We do maths and sciences. You will never have to speak of a word of Fr...

  S4 E9 – Leo Listening Founder Cara Leopold on How She Got Fluent in French + How to Learn Languages Through TV & Films

Cara Leopold is the founder of Leo Listening, where she helps "intrepid travellers and adventurous expats improve their English listening skills so they can better understand and better connect with fast-talking native speakers through their love of fi...

  S4 E8 - Hyperpolyglot Steve Kaufmann on How He Learned 20+ Languages

Steve Kaufmann is a hyperpolyglot who has learned more than 20 languages (!!!) and the founder of LingQ, an online language learning platform that helps you acquire languages using content you love. He was my second guest on the Language Mastery Show w...

  LMS S4 E7 - Jim & May from "Spanish and Go" on Spanish Immersion & Traveling the World

Jim and May describe themselves as a "gringo/Mexican international couple" on a mission to connect English speakers to the Spanish-speaking world. Their excellent podcast, YouTube channel, blog, and Spanish immersion retreats in Mexico help learners br...