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  Maisie's Voice - The Last Conversation with Maisie Hitchcock

Zombies in the GDR. Deutschrap. Heavenly lakes. Joy despite cancer. Days before her death, Maisie and I talked for one last time. In a hospital room in London, she shared her favourite memories from her years in Berlin - and revealed a few untold surpr...
  Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

  RSxEAB: Sharing Urban Space

RSxEAB: "Sharing Urban Space". Radio Spaetkauf host Daniel Stern dives into a discussion of public spaces informed by three insightful guests. Johnny Whitlam (Whitlam's Berlin Tours) shares his passion for Berlin's history and hidden stories. Martin A...
  Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

  Loud at the Library | Guests: Juliana Pranke (ZLB), Philipp Kreicarek (KnowDrugs), Jöran

Recorded March 24, 2024 On this episode of Radio Spätkauf, Izzy, Dan and Matilde take on the month's news from Berlin in English. We touch on the recent UNESCO recognition of Berlin's techno scene, the legalization of weed, controversies surrounding s...
  Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

  Berlin Heat: Gas, Grass or Pansy's...

This episode of Radio Spätkauf was recorded live February 25th 2024 in Berlin at Noisy Rooms. Hosts Mathilde, Dan and Izzy joined by guest host Pip Roper. Headlines: BVG’s brand new CEO Henrik Falk’plan to clean U8 UBahn stations. Berlinale got off...
  Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

  Extreme Right vs Meteorite - Jan 28 LIVE

28th January 2024 recorded live at Zimmer48, with Izzy and Dan plus two guest hosts: Maria Debinska, a research fellow at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry in Berlin and Megan Whittington of German news in English podcast Megan’s Megacan.   Suppor...
  Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

  RSxEAB: Housing First and Fun With Social Workers

Radio Spaetkauf Presents: "Housing First and Fun With Social Workers" - RSxEAB #1 • This pilot episode examines homelessness, housing first, and sleeping rough.  • Recorded Dec 6th 2023 in Berlin at Salon Am Moritzplatz, Released Dec 19th 2023   A Spec...
  Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

  Sticking Point: Too Radical or Right On? – Part 3

“I don’t think fear is the right word. I am afraid of the future,” Tim Wechselmann-Cassim of Letzte Generation told us about what he feels when drivers try to run their cars into activists during a street-takeover action. “The worst thing that can happ...
  Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

  Podfest Live (Lost & Found Recording)

  Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

  Sticking Point: Onto The Streets - Part 2

“He saw the remains of his father dug up again.” That was the traumatic experience of one man in a village which was forcibly relocated due to coal mining. It was told to us by Christopher Laumanns, who helped found the group Alle Dörfer Bleiben to fi...
  Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

  Live at Lakeside Film Festival 2023 | Guest: Ben Knight

Will Berliners survive the apocalypse? Should we even try? Ben Knight filmed his quest to deal with climate crisis angst. His film "We're All Going To Die" screened at Lakeside Film Festival. Ben joins us for a live recording in the rain. Find a screen...
  Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author