Beyond CAD by Civil FX | BIM, 3D Visualization, UAVs and Aerial Drones, Photogrammetry, Virtual Reality, Real-Time Game Engines

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  I Spent $8145 Making a Better Alternative to StreetMix

Try it for yourself here:
  Sam Lytle author

  Beyond CAD is Back! (Kind Of)

Learn more here:
  Sam Lytle author

  Caring About Almost Nothing

Learn more about my business at
  Sam Lytle author

  The #1 Problem We Face as a Company
  Sam Lytle author

  How Beyondware Became Profitable After 34 Months of Losing Money

It took a while, but Beyondware finally found a path to profitability by playing the slow game and improving in all areas, specifically licensing, pricing, hires and focusing on just Beyond Typicals. Here the whole story here.
  Sam Lytle author

  The Flywheel

  Sam Lytle author

  (Spoiler Version/TinySeed Announcement) First Time Partnering with Investors

I'm excited to announce that Beyondware has been accepted into the startup accelerator TinySeed. Read the full announcement here:  
  Sam Lytle author

  First Time Partnering with Investors (Spoiler Free Version)

I've been in conversations with investors for the first time in my journey as a business owner. I can't spill all the details yet, but wanted to give a heads up that big things are coming. Learn more about my business at
  Sam Lytle author

  My Worst SaaS Prediction Ever (?)

I thought I would have 50 paid subscriptions within the first day of launch. It took... a lot longer than that.
  Sam Lytle author

  The Credit Game

  Sam Lytle author