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  [EN] #30: iOS 7

Hot on the heels of Apple's recent iOS 7 announcement we're discussing exactly that: Apple's new iOS 7. Is it a good experience? Is it a good interaction design? Is it a good visual design? And can Jonathan Ive, besides all his hardware work, really de...
  UX CafĂ© author

  [DE] #29: Interne Barcamps

Stefan und Holger diskutieren ĂŒber interne Barcamps als Weiterbildungsmaßnahme.
  UX CafĂ© author

  [EN] #28: Art vs. Design

What's the self-image of UX professionals? Are we artists? Designers? Consultants? Or more like movie directors? Can we express ourselves within a project? This time, the guys have a little bit of a philosophical discussion.
  UX CafĂ© author

  [EN] #27: Challenges

What challenges do we face and what to do about it? Together with the awesome crowd at UXcamp Europe, we discussed roadblocks and areas in need for improvement -- and how to tackle these fellas to evolve as UX professionals.
  UX CafĂ© author

  [EN] #26: Of course

Holger brings up Om Malik's posting The of course principle of design. The thesis: People are trying to wow their customers with their products. Om said: "Don't wow your customers, just have them go: of course." The guys have some thoughts about that.
  UX CafĂ© author

  [DE] #25: Weiterbildung

In dieser Folge geht es nicht nur um die Frage, wie wir auf dem Laufenden bleiben und bewerten können, was wichtig ist, sondern auch um aktuelle Trends.
  UX CafĂ© author

  [EN] #24: The Future (Holger's Talk)

Predicting the future is easy! At least that's what Holger thinks. But what is the future of our digital world?
  UX CafĂ© author

  [DE] #23: Pitches

In der ersten Folge nach der Sommerpause unterhalten wir uns ĂŒber Pitches.
  UX CafĂ© author

  [DE] #22: Human Computer Interaction

Stefan, Tom und Holger diskutieren ĂŒber Paradigmenwechsel: Ist die Spracheingabe das Interface der Zukunft?
  UX CafĂ© author

  [EN] #21: Change Management (Recorded at UXcamp Europe)

[English] If we just do our job with information architecture, wireframes and stuff, chances are high to build a useless website with lots of bad content. In his talk at UXcamp Europe, Stefan focusses on the business side of large-scale UX projects. Hi...
  UX CafĂ© author