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  Odious Buffooons

Remix culture copyright, strangers may be watching your Ring video, location data up for sale to bounty hunters, social media rules for politicians, Apple trolls CES, consumer advocacy groups want the FTC to look at kids' apps on Google Play, lessons t...
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  The Best of 2018

Denise Howell, Matt Curtis, Stefan Szpajda, J. Michael Keyes look back on the best of This Week in Law from 2018!Hosts: Denise Howell, Stefan Szpajda, Matt Curtis, and J. Michael KeyesDownload or subscribe to this show at
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  The Neuroscience Of Cheetos

Professor Mark Bartholomew, author of ADcreep: The Case Against Modern Marketing joins Denise Howell and Stefan Szpajda to talk about the advertising industry, apps sharing your location data with advertisers, how brain scans may help the future of mar...
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  We Only Take Stamps

Mastercard and Microsoft team up to create a "digital identity" system, is group chat the future of social media? Brokering Bitcoin, smart contract developers and the SEC, are browsewrap terms of service enforceable? And more!Hosts: Denise Howell and S...
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  Make It 'Til You Fake It

Taylor Swift's record deal may affect the music industry, Bobby Brown sues over the Whitney Houston documentary, website blocking, data privacy, and insurance, the first GDPR fine, Payless wants to see how much people will pay for $20 shoes, Alexa on t...
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  Popularity Ponzi Schemes

In this episode, Denise and Stefan discuss how the EU's highest court had to wake up and taste the cheese to decide whether taste is copyrightable, and how the EU's copyright directive might be financially unfeasible even for YouTube. They also look at...
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  Are You Feelin' Lucky, Punk?

AT&T to crack down on piracy by cutting off service, 'Piracy Protection' insurance, Satanic Temple sues a Netflix TV show for copyright on a statue, Apple has a tool to see what data is collected, sued over a retweet, bots to help you in small clai...
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  Laws of Premium Vodka and The Horse

Blockchain experts Joshua Ashley Klayman and Ethan M. Seery join Denise Howell and Stefan Szpajda to talk about Bitcoin's 10th birthday, how Bitcoin is not really anonymous, ICO's and Securities Law, how cryptocurrencies should be regulated, Malta's st...
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  Twelve Angry Zombies

In this Halloween themed TWiL: AI-Art sells for $432,500, will there be a ban on killer robots? An Alexa powered drone for your house, Jet Li rejected the Matrix because he didn't want to be digitally recorded, releasing music on DNA, 20 years of the D...
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  Replete With Decomposing Gastropods

Mocking Kanye for showing his password on camera, Feds forcing people to unlock their phones with FaceID, the CFAA and the First Amendment, Fortnite profiting off of other people's dance moves, a game company uses facial recognition to detect minors, "...
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