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  58. Life is Like a Piano (That’s Amore!)

Have you ever wanted to play a musical instrument? A tradition now for hundreds of years, the piano has heavily influenced every major style of music since its first appearance, thanks to a great Italian inventor from Padua. Let’s learn more about the ...
  Learn Italian Pod author

  57. The First Latin Lover (That’s Amore!)

One of the most magnetic and charismatic stars of the silent era, Rudolph Valentino, once said, “People are not in love with me, but with the picture of me on the screen. I am merely the canvas on which they paint their dreams.” This time, let’s learn ...
  Learn Italian Pod author

  56. On Top of The Volcano (That’s Amore!)

The word volcano originally comes from the name of the Roman god of fire, Vulcan. It is said that Vulcan built a blacksmith workshop under Mount Etna and whenever Venus is unfaithful Vulcan grows angry and beats the red-hot metal with such a force that...
  Learn Italian Pod author

  55. More Popular Than Spaghetti (That’s Amore!)

The air is filled with World Cup Fever, so let’s talk about a legendary Italian World Cup hero who, at the peak of his career, was said to be “more popular than spaghetti”. We’ll learn his ups and downs during his soccer career, all while we practice l...
  Learn Italian Pod author

  54. It’s All About The Glass (That’s Amore!)

Italy is famous for so many delicious wines. And who knew that choosing the correct glass for your wine was such an important aspect in relishing the flavor and enjoying that moment you take that first sip. So, relax and pour yourself a glass while we ...
  Learn Italian Pod author

  53. The Most Popular Muscleman (That’s Amore!)

The importance of becoming fit and strong has long been an important factor to the general public. This time, let’s find out just how one famous Italian muscleman helped evolve the golden age of fitness and physical culture, all while we practice lots ...
  Learn Italian Pod author

  52. At The Pinocchio’s Park (That’s Amore!)

VIP Member Sara, who is studying in Siena, Italy, wrote us to tell us of a great field trip she went on to the “Parco di Pinocchio.” – She tells us, “Wow! Pinocchio is truly loved and famous in Italy and now I know why there are little Pinocchio figure...
  Learn Italian Pod author

  51. Let’s Play Cards! (That’s Amore!)

VIP Member Gianna just returned from Italy to visit family for the first time, and asks, “Why is it that Italians are so serious when playing cards? Every night, after dinner we played a card game called “Scopa” and it was very exciting and so competit...
  Learn Italian Pod author

  50. Lock Your Love Forever (That’s Amore!)

The tradition of locking your love with a padlock on a bridge as a symbol of love and commitment is practiced throughout the world. No one is quite sure where this tradition has originated but love locks spring up on new bridges daily. — So, let’s lear...
  Learn Italian Pod author

  49. The Italian Happy Hour (That’s Amore!)

Italians, known for eating dinner quite late in the evening, call their Happy Hour “Aperitivo”. Literally, “aperitivo” is a pre-meal drink whose scope is to stimulate appetite, but in Italy it is in fact much more than that. Italians consider the time ...
  Learn Italian Pod author