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  MSU Musings: Childhood Friendship

Students from Summer 09 talk and interview subjects about their friendships they’ve had since childhood.
  Scott Duarte author

  MSU Musings: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Students from Spring 09 talk and interview subjects about the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep.
  Scott Duarte author

  MSU Musings: U.S. Works Habits

Students from Spring 09 talk and interview subjects about their work and job preferences.
  Scott Duarte author

  MSU Musings: Physical Changes in Adolescence

The Superwomen group interview professors and students about the physical changes adolescents go through and what effects they have mentally.
  Scott Duarte author

  MSU Musings: Genius

Students from Fall 2009 discuss and interview people about what makes a ‘genius’.
  Scott Duarte author

  MSU Musings– Critical Period

The Beauty and the Beast group from last semester interview Prof. Brent Donnellan and others about the Critical Period of learning.
  Scott Duarte author

  MSU Musings: Dating in University

The Spartan group discusses dating during college.  The interview students of all ages to get different perspectives.
  Scott Duarte author

  MSU Musings: Emotional Intelligence

Usually I start posting the first round podcasts created by the students, but since the audio podcasts are so different, I’m starting with one of the final ones to give you an idea of what the students created in all its glory.  This podcast covers Emo...
  Scott Duarte author


Scott Duarte announces the next batch of award winning (in his mind anyway) podcasts produced by his students.
  Scott Duarte author

  ESL Musings: Origin of the Tanibata Festival

For the final episode of the semester, King Productions illustrates the story behind the Tanibata Festival.
  Scott Duarte author