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Date Title & Description Contributors

  Audible Ajax Episode 32

Appcelerator Titanium
  Ben and Dion of author

  Audible Ajax Episode 31

Aptana Jaxer 1.0
  Ben and Dion of author

  Audible Ajax Episode 30

Interview with Kris Zyp of Sitepen
  Ben and Dion of author

  Interview with Gavin Doughtie of Google - Audible Ajax Episode 29

Dion and Ben interview Dojo contributor and Google employee Gavin Doughtie, discussing browser graphics and his talks at OSCON and The Ajax Experience.
  Ben and Dion of author

  Google Chrome, Chromium, V8 - Audible Ajax Episode 28

In this episode we discuss the launch of Google Chrome and Chromium, how this adds to the hopeful world of TraceMonkey, V8, and SquirrelFish. We also delve into Canvas land and the fun and frolics that are planned for The Ajax Experience in Boston that...
  Ben and Dion of author

  SproutCore - Audible Ajax Episode 27

I sat down with Charles Jolley of Sproutit / SproutCore fame. Their has been a lot of SproutCore in the news, as it powers the new MobileMe from Apple, a very rich application built on the Open Web. Learn about the roots of the framework, how it is dif...
  Ben and Dion of author

  Audible Ajax Episode 26 - 260 North and Objective-J

We sat down the with 280 North team that just released 280 Slides, an application that people call "Keynote on the Web" due to its Apple/desktop-like look and feel. The app uses a framework that the guys created, Cappuccino that uses the Objective-J la...
  Ben and Dion of author

  Audible Ajax Episode 25 - State of Ajax

Ajaxians get together to talk about the big news in the last month or so. We discuss IE 8, the state of standards, Acid3 testing, the Open Web, and more.
  Ben and Dion of author

  Audible Ajax Episode 24 - Aptana Jaxer

Ajaxians interview the gents of Aptana on their Jaxer server side Ajax framework that was recently released. They discuss the difference it makes when you have a full browser in the backend instead of just a JavaScript interpreter.
  Ben and Dion of author

  Audible Ajax Episode 23 - Zed Shaw on Rails community, enterprise, Ajax, patents, and a whole lot more

Ajaxians interview Zed Shaw covering his thoughts on the Rails community, the role of the Enterprise, the state of Ajax, JRuby and Rubinius, documentation, tests, tooling, the role of patents in software, and a whole lot of opinion.
  Ben and Dion of author