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  How literacy can change a life

Learning to read empowers people, reduces poverty and increases their job chances. Yet more than 700 miliion adults are illiterate, the majority of them women. We look at innovations to help adults learn how to read from flatpack classrooms in flood-pr...
  BBC World Service author

  The power of music

We all know about the power of music to change our mood or to make us move. But an increasing body of evidence is showing that music has an amazing ability to help us heal. In this programme we are going to meet people working at the cutting edge of mu...
  BBC World Service author

  Greener ways to feed the world

Transforming the global food system is vital in the fight against climate change. Currently, food production accounts for a third of all greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, the food system also fails to properly nourish billions of people world...
  BBC World Service author

  Magic mushrooms and mental health

Could psychedelic drugs help in the treatment of mental health conditions? We look at pioneering research into psilocybin, the active ingredient in so-called magic mushrooms. We visit a clinic in Oregon, the only state in America where the use of psilo...
  BBC World Service author

  Speaking up at work

Whistleblowers - they're the good guys right? The ones who speak truth to power and have films made about the heroic stands they took? Sometimes. Often the people who speak up in the workplace are ignored or shut down. Worse still they're often bullied...
  BBC World Service author

  Clever ways to get kids learning

Schools across Senegal have discovered a clever way for children to surf the web even when there isn't any signal.They're using a special WIFI hotspot which works without an actual internet connection, so students and teachers can access all the releva...
  BBC World Service author

  Bringing dead languages back to life

Australia used to be one of the most linguistically diverse places, with over 200 languages. Today, many of Australia’s indigenous languages are considered “highly endangered”. Inspired by his native language, Hebrew, Ghil’ad Zuckermann is a linguistic...
  BBC World Service author

  Making life easier for older people

Barcelona in Spain is famous for its beautiful streets, lined with tall apartment buildings. But the architecture is a problem for many people who have lived for years in upstairs apartments but who now find the stairs unmanageable.In 2008, a survey fo...
  BBC World Service author

  Overcoming stigma

On this edition of People Fixing The World we meet people who’ve helped overcome long-standing cultural biases to create better outcomes for everyone. In India we hear about the social media campaigns which have helped city dwellers in Bengaluru see th...
  BBC World Service author

  Rewilding Earth

From beavers in the UK to bison in Romania and jaguars in Argentina, ecologists around the world are reintroducing animals that once flourished in particular areas. The theory is, if done correctly, they can boost biodiversity and restore ecosystems wi...
  BBC World Service author