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  LED Christmas Lights

It's that time of year again! It's the holiday season, and it is time to start decorating. If you have been thinking about purchasing new Christmas lights or replacing your old ones, please listen to the following PowerCast all about LED Christmas ligh...
  JCPB Public Relations author

  Downed Power Lines

In the recent months, there have been many strong storms in the area that have caused significant power outages. In some instances, the storms have even caused downed power lines. In this PowerCast, we will discuss some tips of how to handle this dange...
  JCPB Public Relations author

  Outages and Squirrels

Listen as Senior Energy Services Rep, Patrick Phipps, talks about the number one cause of power outages and suggests some helpful tips for when the power goes out.
  JCPB Public Relations author

  Ready 4 Summer

Listen as Patrick Phipps gives tips on summer energy efficiency.
  JCPB Public Relations author

  Budget Billing

Avoid monthly surprises with budget billing.
  JCPB Public Relations author


Learn how SmartHub can help you better understand your energy usage.
  JCPB Public Relations author

  JCPB's Heat Pump Program

Listen to this episode of the PowerCast to learn about JCPB's Heat Pump Loan Program.
  JCPB Public Relations author

  Emergency Heat or Not?

Listen in as Senior Energy Services Advisor, Patrick Phipps discusses heat pump operation during extremely cold weather. Should you go to emergency heat or operate it in normal heat mode?
  JCPB Public Relations author

  JCPB's Unsung Heroes: Energy Services Advisor (Josh Cole)

Listen to the latest in our Unsung Heroes series to learn all about Josh Cole and what he does for JCPB as our one of our Energy Services Advisors.
  JCPB Public Relations author

  JCPB's Unsung Heroes: Geographic Information Systems Analyst (Walter Hopkins)

Listen in as we interview one of JCPB's Engineering department's Geographic Information System Analyst, Walter Hopkins, on how our mapping system has become a cornerstone of our utility operations.
  JCPB Public Relations author