Innovation Policy Platform (video)

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  Grassroots Innovation for Social Change

This webinar will describe how RLabs leveraged the community and innovative approaches to drive social change in local communities in a number of African countries. This webinar was created in partnership with the Innovation Policy Platform.

  The Role of Research & Technology Institutes

This webinar will cover the Role of Research and Technology Institutes (RTIs), Technological Competencies and Networking, State Financing and Lessons from International Experience.

  Lessons from Expert Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurship Policy Makers

In the last two decades, effectual entrepreneurship, a cognitive-theoretic approach to action in high-uncertainty environments, has been successfully implemented in universities around the world. This approach spells out particular lessons learned by e...

  Green Competitiveness

While climate change represents a massive threat to the planet and imperils progress made in economic development, it also represents an historic opportunity to innovate in large and rapidly growing markets. The World Bank estimates that climate-relate...

  Innovation Agencies & Paradigmatic Structural Change

Historically, Schumpeterian developmental agencies at the periphery of the public sector have facilitated rapid restructuring by engaging in continuous, radical policy experimentation. During this presentation, Dr. Breznitz will argue that these develo...

  Regional Innovation Policy and Multilevel Governance in Developing Countries

Innovation policy is increasingly conceived as the shared responsibility of national and subnational governments, yet most countries are struggling with multilevel governance. During this presentation, José Guimón provides an overview of how different ...
  WBGOLC author

  Inclusive Innovation Policies for Shared Prosperity

Inclusive innovation leads to affordable access to quality goods and services for the poor on a sustainable basis and with extensive outreach. During this webinar the distinguished speaker, Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, will briefly examine the concept of inclus...
  WBGOLC author