Implementing the Right to Information (audio)

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  Threats to Openness in the Digital World

Building on themes explored in the World Bank’s 2016 World Development Report Digital Dividends, this session will consider and debate the issues surrounding the growing threats to citizens’ rights to access public archives in the digital world, a worl...

  Managing Records and Information for Transparent and Accountable and Inclusive Governance in the Digital Era

The high hopes internationally for using technology to support openness and transparency rest on assumptions about information integrity and accessibility. Many countries have yet to achieve either of these key enablers in the digital environment. Ther...
  WBGOLC author

  The Right to Information- Designing Laws to support effective implementation

This podcast disseminates knowledge undertaken by the World Bank Governance and Public Sector Management unit on the legal frameworks of right to information and accompanying implementation efforts in the public sector. It was funded in parts by the Ba...
  WBGOLC author

  RTI Implementation: An Overview of Findings from Twelve Countries

A podcast on implementing the right to information taken from the findings 12 Countries.
  Worldbank'sOLC author

  RTI Implementation: Requests and Appeals

Right to information (RTI) systems are practical components of government administration that reflect commitment to the principle of transparency. An RTI system aims to increase the transparency of government by providing regular and reliable informati...
  Worldbank'sOLC author