You Won Science: An Orphan Black Podcast

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  015 - Episode 14 The Science of Season 1 Pt 1

Orphan Black has been telling us we have to go we're reviewing the science of Seasons 1 & 2: Neolutionism, stem cells, and more. This is the first of three parts, and we'll be releasing them while covering Season 4._______________________...

  014 - Episode 13: Variations Under Nature (SPOILER FREE REWATCH)

We're talking about S1E3: How do you solve a problem like Dead Katja? What's the best approach for babysitting? And how hard is self-surgery post-rebar impalement?Also, we'll give a brief history of fingerprints, and answer the question of whether clon...

  013 - Episode 12: Instinct (SPOILER FREE REWATCH Episode 2)

Episode 2 of our Spoiler Free Rewatch ramps up the drama, and brings Sarah Manning within striking distance of the answers she's been seeking. Little does she know, it just gets weirder from here.  

  012 - Episode 11- Natural Selection (SPOILER FREE REWATCH EPISODE 1)

Now that the Season 4 teasers have come out, it's time to rewatch Orphan Black until the April premiere! Join us for our Spoiler Free Episodes to tide you over until then. This episode covers Season 1, Episode 1: Natural Selection, or Welcome Home, Sar...

  Episode 010A: What To Watch During The Orphan Black Hiatus, Pt. 1

Waiting for the return of Orphan Black is hard. We want to help.This is the first part of our survival series, offering shows to watch when you're not rewatching (Orphan Black.)NOTE: Episode 10B will be the first in our Rewatch series, covering Season ...

  010 Episode 009: Congratulations, It's a Healthy Bouncing Hiatus!

In which we deal with our sadness at the end of Season 3, discuss the etymology of "neolution", talk about what our plans for the off-season are (hint: biweekly episodes, a rewatch of the series and the science never stops) and give a few more candidat...

  Episode 008 - He Ain't Heavy, He's My (Unborn) Brother

In which we wonder about why John Sadler had to die, discuss how hard it was to watch S03E09, and then explain mosaicism, chimerism and why mothers always have their children close to their internal organs.Also: Shout outs to Tatiana is Everyone and Sc...

  Episode 007 - Misfolded Proteins and Prions, Oh My!

In which we briefly consider why Cosima hates to be the patient and whether the next faction hails from Cambridge, MA, then give you a crash course in proteins, prions and biochemistry. There will not be a test, but there are some handouts if you want ...

  Episode 005 - Chekhov's Uterus

Episode 005 - Chekhov's UterusIn which we review Season 3, Episode 7 Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate and use Chekhov's Gun as a somewhat strained device to link Donnie's menstrual flow monitoring, Cosima's relapse, Shay's (possibly triggering) smoo...

  04 - Paul Is Dead Now, Miss Him Etc.

Episode 004: Paul is Dead Now, Miss Him, Etc. Show NotesThis episode is brought to you by Mercury Retrograde. Drive one today! In which we miss Paul, wonder aloud about clones and dominant handedness, and begin a longer conversation (to be picked up in...