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  World in Progress: Facing the Crisis

Venezuela's economic collapse impacts people in the once booming oil town of Maracaibo -- After price hikes, people in Egypt are struggling to make ends meet -- How one woman brought jobs - and a tasty bite to a refugee camp in the Western Sahara deser...
  DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

  World in Progress: Indonesia at a crossroads ahead of the election

Indonesia is at a crossroads. The predominantly muslim country that was once hailed for its religious tolerance and diversity is becoming more and more divided. Fears are growing that the era of moderate Islam and moderate Muslim leaders is over. More ...
  DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

  World in Progress: What's in store for the two Koreas?

This week we zoom in on North and South Korea. For more than 70 years, the Korean peninsula has been divided. Many hope the two countries will one day reunite. But there's still a long way to go — they are technically still at war. Also on the show: Th...
  DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

  World in Progress: Changing perspectives

This week on the program: Brazil's indigenous communities raise the alarm after a surge in land grabs, students defy Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria, the push for inclusive education in Ethiopia, and how a project to distribute cheap glasses is chan...
  DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

  World in Progress: Making do in Russia

Life is becoming more difficult for many Russians. Along with steadily increasing prices, dissatisfaction is on the rise. The annexation of Crimea and military successes in Syria aren't enough to distract people from the declining quality of life at ho...
  DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

  World in Progress: After the Escape

This week on the show: Nicaraguans living in exile push for political change in their home country, refugees with disabilities launch their own businesses in a Kenyan camp, and a teenager recounts her escape from Boko Haram.
  DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

  World in Progress: Changing the game!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. But according to South Korean beauty standards that usually means plastic surgery and full face make-up at all times! Some say it's high time for change. In India, midwives could be the answer to reducing...
  DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

  World in Progress: Setting out on the trek of hope from Central America

Running out of medications: After eight years of civil war, doctors in Idlib in Northern Syria are are faced with increasing problems -- Thousands are trying to escape violence and poverty in central America by taking the 3000 km trek north, hoping to...
  DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

  World in Progress: The dark side

South Africa has been hailed as the most liberal African country when it comes to gay rights, but there's a dark side to it as discrimination is still rife in the country. There's also a dark side to the South Korean phenomenon of K-pop: As more and mo...
  DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

  World in Progress: Rejuvenating Waters

Water can mean life or death for people across the world. In France, migrants are risking their lives crossing the English Channel by boat to reach the UK. In India, a transgender group was allowed to bathe in the holy waters of the Ganges River for th...
  DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author