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  The Alliance Party of Scotland

The Alliance Party of Scotland will be 2 weeks old this Thursday.  Mrs. Pat Wells will join us live to give us an update and, hopefully, to discuss today's announcement of the new wild lands mapping from SNH.  Also, we will air a conversation with th...
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  Maine's Wind Woes

David and Harley will talk about wind development in Maine.   Karen Bessey Pease will be our special co-host tonight. Karen, or as her friends know her ‘Kaz’, is a native of the State of Maine.  Wife and mother of three, she lives on a 70 acre homeste...
  Wind Wise Radio author

  Is the Tide Turning in Massachusetts?

Tune in at4pm ET -- 4/7/2013 An update from Five project sparking revolt... Falmouth, Hoosac,  Scituate, Kingston, and Fairhaven. With special guest host Virginia Irvine of Wind Wise Massachusetts.   Virginia and Harley will talk with the folks on th...
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  .Passadumkeag, S.30, No Nocebo and more

David, Harley and guests will talk about: Please dial in to join our discussion -- 213-943-3683 The Aftermath of Inverness: Maine's Passadumkeag decision: http://bangordail...
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  Replay of Dr. John Constable, Turbine Deterioration

Dr. John Constable is the Director of the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) an independent UK charity that publishes data and analysis on the energy sector .  Dr Constable has been working in energy policy since 2004 and is known for his data-grounded...
  Wind Wise Radio author

  Ten Ways to Kill Big Wind and Dr. John Constable of REF

  Wind Wise Radio author

  Scotland against Spin Special

A special Scotland episode at a special time with special guests.    WWR will be live at 8pm GMT (3pm ET) in the run-up to the demonstration in Inverness.    A Special guest host - Linda Holt from Scotland against Spin!   An interview with Whirly Marsh...
  Wind Wise Radio author

  Ireland with Mike de Jong and Vermont with Senator Hartwell

Tune in for an update from Ireland with Mike de Jong of CREWE about the efforts to stop the Midlands of Ireland from becoming England’s wind ghetto.  Two companies are targeting five counties in the Midlands for a total of 1,150 turbines — just as a st...
  Wind Wise Radio author

  Dr. Kouwen's Grey Highlands Study and Sustainable Shetland

An interview with Dr. Nicholas Kouwen, P.Eng, Distinguished Professor Emeritus University of Waterloo.   Dr. Kouwen's groundbreaking work over the past year has revealed that the Ontario Ministry of Environment's noise limits are being exceeded a major...
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  Ostrander Point and Ocotillo Express

The Prince Edward Field Naturalists are involved in a struggle to save an globally important habitat at Ostrander Point in Ontario. We are honored to have the opportunity to speak with two leaders in that effort Myrna Wood and Cheryl Anderson. The hor...
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