When The Scientist Presents

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  Answering more than the question?

Do we answer the question asked, or do we go beyond that? There are many types of questions and the motivation behind each type is different. Take the clarification question. It is about understanding, or about preparation for the next question. Take t...

  Lessons from the Cheetah run

What a running Cheetah taught me about presentations

  Animate using motion path or action builds

  Motion Path animation (Apple Keynote) Animations with Motion paths (link to the video demonstration) The oral presentation surpasses the journal paper in many respects, but surely, one of the key differentiators has to be the use of animation to expl...

  Scientific Presentations and Chinese Proverbs – part 1

Source: Flickr; Author: Steve Webel. “By tongue work, eloquence is gained; By hand work, clumsiness is lost.” People who silently rehearse their presentation looking at the computer screen never become eloquent. People who sit while rehearsing lack nat...

  Dear reader,

This blog helps the scientist who presents learn new skills. It complements the book“When the scientist presents”. Comments and questions are welcome, just email me: whenthescientistpresents @ gmail dot com. I also keep the following pages: 1) the SCOO...
  Jean-Luc Lebrun author

  028 Convinced- yes but of what…

By Jean-luc lebrun Convincing with a scientific presentation is of great importance, of course, but how does one convince with impoverished slides from which all complexity has been removed for the sake of being understood by non-experts in the audienc...
  Jean-Luc Lebrun author

  Keep what the audience sees in sync with your speech

Take it from me, as a presenter, if you don’t sync, you do not exist. Have you ever wondered why the audience does not pay attention to you, but only has eyes for the beloved PowerPoint slide? Feel like a jealous lover? It’s apple of the eye for PowerP...

  027 Speech first slides second

Dr Rao Machiraju, in the final part of the interview, suggests a provocative way to prepare a scientific talk…. the augmented speech. Be ready for Rao’s final one liner which is so good,  it should be carved in stone, or at least printed on a T-Shirt! ...
  Jean-Luc Lebrun author

  026 Handling unfriendly questions and comments

In this podcast (part two of the interview) Dr Rao Machiraju, CEO of REQALL and past colleague from the Apple days when we both worked in Apple’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG), shares with us his wisdom on how to deal with troublesome situations in Q...
  Jean-Luc Lebrun author

  025 Alternative Q& A techniques

I are delighted to feature a new guest on our podcast: Dr Rao Machiraju. Rao and I belonged to Apple’s Advanced Technology Lab in Cupertino California. He now heads his own company, REQALL, working on a fascinating product: memory recall enhancement to...
  Jean-Luc Lebrun author