What the"WHAT" Taught the World

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  Snakes on a Podcast

In this episode of What the WHAT Taught the World with Dan, we're discovering how snakes and snake venom research led to the development of a drug for high blood pressure. 

  Eats, Sleeps, and Poops: Pandas are Weird

In the sixth episode of What the WHAT Taught the World, we travel to China to talk about what the Panda taught us about diet and metabolism. Join Dan as he talks about this strange bear and how getting dietary fiber is super important! Science, technol...

  I Smell a Rat: How Rats Helped Us Understand Smell

In the fifth episode of What the "WHAT" Taught the World with Dan, we come across a topic that smells funny: the rat. We're talking about how studying rats has helped us to understand the "smellscape", how we smell, and how rats might be able to sniff ...

  Fish: Do they get Alzheimer's too?

In this exciting episode of What the "WHAT" Taught the World with Dan, we dive head first into what the fish can teach us about protein aggregation diseases like Alzheimer's. We talk about the origins of the fish and how similar they actually are to hu...


In this episode of What the What Taught the World, we'll dive into what the model organism Chlamydomonas has taught the world! For more info go to my website at www.whatthewhat.libsyn.com.  What the "What" Taught the World is a scientific podcast devot...


This episode explores what frogs taught the world about how our heart beats.

  Yeast Pilot

This is the website for the podcast entitled “What the “WHAT” Taught the World”. This podcast explores how different organisms have taught us what it means to be human.This episode focuses on the amazing unicellular organism - the Yeast! There's more t...