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  Episode 125 : Jimmy Palmiotti

In this episode we are joined by the incomparable Jimmy Palmiotti. Jimmy and I discuss relationships, work, and his new Kickstarter campaign “Pop Kill”.Notes:Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro MusicJimmy PalmiottiKickstarter - Pop KillPaper Films
  Angelo Conner author

  Episode : Conversations with Slade 1

What does a “revolting artist” think coolness is? Listen in as Christian Slade and I discuss Collective Soul, Whale Sharks, and Star Wars in order to discover what it means to be cool.Revolting - 1) to rise in rebellion; 2) causing intense disgustNotes...
  Angelo Conner author

  Episode : Ask Christian Slade 1

In this episode we have a conversation about the course Christian’s art took, from when he first became interested in art, to when he transitioned to being a professional artist.Notes:Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Musichttp://www.christianslade.co...
  Angelo Conner author

  Episode 124 : Let's Go To the Mall

The mall used to be the go to spot for hanging with friends and shopping for clothing. Now, with online shopping, malls are facing shutdown with so many large department stores closing. We discuss what should be done with all the empty real estate that...
  Angelo Conner author

  Episode : Standing Up 1

So... I'd like to be a stand-up comedian, and I need to work on my jokes. But a podcast isn't really the best venue for that since there isn't immediate audience feedback. In this episode, I call a friend/former coworker of mine to see what he thinks o...
  Angelo Conner author

  Episode : Quick Bites 4 : Not Mario

There are many unfortunate names bestowed onto children by their parents. Some of course are worse than others. Luckily I escaped such a fate.Notes:Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro MusicEminem - My Name IsOffice SpaceKey and PeeleShirley Ellis - The ...
  Angelo Conner author

  Episode 123 : Candy Chaos

There's hundreds if not thousands of different candies to choose from and more are popping up all the time. In this episode, we talk about several of these newer candies and whether we've found one we like better than the classics.Notes:Thanks to Mark ...
  Angelo Conner author

  Episode : Quick Bites 3 : Singer/Songwriter

“Yeah”, “La”, “Do”, “Uh”, “Okay”… As long as you have a good grasp of these filler words, you too can write a hit song.Notes:Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro MusicSuzanne Vega - “Tom’s Diner”Alice in Chains - “Again”
  Angelo Conner author

  Episode 122 : The Unseen

What movie have you been putting off viewing? What's keeping you from taking the time to see that show you keep thinking about? In this episode, I discuss a flick that I've been avoiding.Notes:Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro MusicPride and Prejudice...
  Angelo Conner author

  Episode 121 : What's With All the Llamas?

We're not sure how an odd but real farm animal earned a place amidst the mythical unicorns and mermaids in mainstream retail and fashion. Where did this craze begin? Enter the llama room, where we discuss the popularity of llamas.Notes:Thanks to Mark f...
  Angelo Conner author