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  WT: eDumper Breaks The Internet

Wading through the uncertainty surrounding research on a room-temperature superconductor. What are the benefits if it’s true and how much validity do we see in the progress so far? Riddle me this, alien lifeforms. What’s an electric vehicle you basical...
  Andrew Mayne author

  WT: Lionless in Kleinmachnow

Do not panic: there wasn’t even a lioness to begin with! The new bisexual kings of the jungle. NASA goes Plus. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Justin: Oppenheimer and Barbie Brian: Marvel Snap Bryce: “C...
  Andrew Mayne author

  WT: Universe Manifest Destiny?

Let’s say technology keeps accelerating–how do we make a Starfleet? Spreading humanity across the universe and how we might deal with extra-terrestrial life (especially compared to terrestrial life!) Got something weird? Email, subjec...
  Andrew Mayne author

  WT: Never Fooled w/ Dr. Daniel Simons

We’re joined with Dr. Daniel Simons to talk about his viral Invisible Gorilla experiment, errors and data fraud in scientific studies, and his new book “Nobody’s Fool.” The line between misinformation and being incorrect. Scammer grammar is debated! Go...
  Andrew Mayne author

  WT: Gianni Bravo

We pull at the new Threads app and pick apart the maybe next big thing or maybe not who knows! UFOs/UAPs are still a present idea, but we’re short on meaningful evidence to analyze. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Thin...
  Andrew Mayne author

  WT: Cereal Entrepreneur

Virgin Galactic finally took their first paid-passengers across the Karman line, even if they’re behind competitors. The new Indy movie sparks a conversation about how sequels should build and explore new ideas. Got something weird? Email neshcom@gmail...
  Andrew Mayne author

  WT: Deep C

A high-tech face-off may happen in a very low-tech way. We talk about the tragedy of the Titan submersible, what is and isn’t okay to comment on, and the culture around real-life epics compared to their fictionalized portrayals. Got something weird? Em...
  Andrew Mayne author

  WT: Pork-Barrel Flying Objects

Coded conspiracy theories and a UFO cold war raging on for decades? Are we in a simulation or not? Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: and WWDC 23 Sessions Justin: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the ...
  Andrew Mayne author

  WT: Big, Dumb Googly Eyes

Apple’s Vision Pro was announced this week. What does the first product look like and how do we feel about this vision for the future? Googly eyes, resolution, field of view, and more speculation. . Got something weird? Email, subject...
  Andrew Mayne author

  WT: Fatty Dog-Dog KibbleTMTMTMTM

You show this eyeball-looking thing some respect! A neat idea for invasive species. Blue Origin is tapped to make the second-next lunar lander and we debate the worthiness of doing that now. pando pando pando pando. Got something weird? Email neshcom@g...
  Andrew Mayne author