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  Never Mind the Temperature, Increasing Photoperiod Means Birds Are Singing Louder and Longer

When it comes to late winter on Cape Cod, and the knowledge that beach weather is still four months away, it’s the little signs of better things to come that keep you going. If you are paying attention to the birds around you every day, you should be b...
  Mark Faherty author

  A Grim Mystery

A few days ago, a grim ornithological mystery came across my computer screen. A photo of a chunky, yellowish bird found dead in the wrack line at Hardings Beach in Chatham. It was originally sent to Mike O’Connor at Birdwatcher’s General Store in Orlea...
  Mark Faherty author

  Shuffling the Ducks

It’s finally that time of year when winter gets serious here on the Cape. Water actually starts to freeze, even salt water, and the place finally feels shut down for the season. Despite this, it’s also the time of year when birdsong noticeably increase...
  Mark Faherty author

  Coyote Myths Debunked

I’d like to briefly shed the feathery mantle of the Weekly Bird Report in favor of a furrier piece. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about coyotes, those ever present, ever mythologized wild dogs with whom we share this suburban peninsula.
  Mark Faherty author

  An Unexplained Flurry of Puffins on Cape Cod

On the morning of January 7, after a few days of moderate, mostly northerly winds, Sue Finnegan and Alex Burdo pulled into the parking lot at First Encounter Beach in Eastham to find some seabirds on the move. Watching from the car to avoid the biting ...
  Mark Faherty author

  Some People Have All the Luck

Some weeks I’m scraping the bottom of the birding barrel looking for “Bird Report” content. This is not one of those weeks. No, this past week brought the opposite problem, the one where a truly absurd number of noteworthy bird happenings coincide, lea...
  Mark Faherty author

  Truro Count Has a Big Year

It’s finally over, and what a white-knuckle ride it’s been. While I could easily be talking about 2020, I actually mean that the last of the Christmas Bird Counts are finally in the books. That makes this a bittersweet time for some birders. In my case...
  Mark Faherty author

  Christmas Bird Counts Coming in Strong

For various reasons, this year’s Nantucket, Stellwagen Bank, and Mid-Cape Christmas Bird Counts all ended up scheduled on the same day, Sunday the 27 th . This is unprecedented as far as I know - these counts share some of the same personnel, so normal...
  Mark Faherty author

  An Old Tradition Continues: The Christmas Bird Counts

When I say Christmas Bird Count to most people, I often wonder if they think I’m referring to the avian enumeration in that old song, you know, “four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves”, etc. Come to think of it, fully half of the gifts...
  Mark Faherty author

  Waterfowl Roundup

If there’s one thing you can count on each December, it’s counting. It’s when we hold the counts during which we count all the birds we can count. I’m talking about last weekend’s annual Cape Cod Waterfowl count as well as the various Christmas Bird Co...
  Mark Faherty author