Weddell Seal Science

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  Being Different If You're a Weddell Seal in Antarctica

This video explores individual variation found among Antarctica's Weddell seals, and what those differences might mean for the future of this southernmost mammal on Earth, living in the most pristine marine environment remaining on our planet. More inf... author

  Weddell Seals and a Massive Iceberg Event

The resilient Weddell seals of Erebus Bay in Antarctica's Ross Sea, and how they responded to a massive iceberg event that blocked access to some of their pupping areas in the past decade. More information on the Weddell seal ecology project at Weddel... author

  Deploying to Antarctica

The first step is getting there! The Weddell seal field research team based at Montana State University travels to Antarctica through the U.S. Antarctic Program via Christchurch, New Zealand, where team members are issued extreme cold weather (ECW) clo... author

  Why Study Weddell Seals?

A functioning population of apex predators in a pristine Antarctic marine environment provides a unique opportunity to learn more about our world, and how animals interact with their environment. Interview with Montana State University ecologist Jay Ro... author

  The Magnificent Weddell Seal

Fascinating video look at life underwater and on top of the sea ice for the southernmost mammal on our planet. Interview on location in Antarctica with MSU ecologist Jay Rotella on the life and survival of Weddell seals. More information at WeddellSeal... author

  Grad Students Working in Antarctica

Weddell seal ecology field work in Antarctica by MSU graduate students! author

  Internet from Remote Antarctica!

Connecting to the world from our remote field camp in Antarctica thanks to the US Antarctic Program's IT Comms specialists. author

  Weddell Pup Swimming& Survival

Are some Weddell pups couch potatoes? Ecologists from Montana State University are investigating the role of Weddell seal pup swimming activity in seal survival. More info at author

  Antarctica Field Work

Video dispatch from Antarctica as our 2010 Weddell seal study field season was getting underway. With the remote field camp in place at the beginning of the austral spring season October, 2010, the research team flagged safe routes for snowmobile trave... author

  To Study Weddell Seals

Iconic predators, incredible divers, unforgettable pups! These beautiful animals are the subject one of the longest running population studies ever of a long-lived mammal. Join Montana State University ecologists and professors Bob Garrott and Jay Rote... author