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  School of Jazz: Ian McKain-Pitts and Aidan Moore serve as guest DJs

Drummer Ian McKain-Pitts and saxophonist Aidan Moore from Bellarmine Preparatory School in Tacoma will virtually join Abe Beeson on Evening Jazz tonight at 8 p.m. (Oct. 1) as guest DJs. Listen to the show and read their Q&A.
  KNKX Public Radio author

  How extreme heat in Eastern Washington can cause cooler temperatures in the west

The first week of August is generally the hottest time of the year in Washington. This year, people in the Puget Sound region already have experienced some record temperatures, with highs topping 90 degrees for the first time in 2020 on Monday. Olympia...
  Bellamy Pailthorp author

  Clear skies and warm temps offer perfect viewing of Comet NEOWISE

It’s that most wonderful time of the year in the Pacific Northwest, when we get to enjoy clear skies, warm yet comfortable temperatures and 9 PM sunsets. Summers here are the payoff for our long, dark winters. And this week, the "perfect weather" many ...
  Bellamy Pailthorp author

  'Big experiment' this July 4th shows personal fireworks are the main cause of air pollution

People in the Pacific Northwest sometimes jokingly call the sixth month here "Juneuary," because of the persistently gloomy weather we often face in June. Now an abundance of offshore flow — marine air coming in off the cool Pacific Ocean — has KNKX we...
  Bellamy Pailthorp author

  Lack of high-flying community fireworks may spare region’s air quality on July 4

July 4 is upon us. Normally, that means our air quality takes a big hit. It's an issue that KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass often talks about. Mass has studied the impact of fireworks on our air quality. This year, things will be a little different. Wit...
  Bellamy Pailthorp author

  British Columbia’s wet, cold spring bodes well for Washington this year

The curse of the wet weekend is making another appearance as June comes to an end. The month sometimes referred to as "Juneuary" in the Pacific Northwest has actually included quite a few lovely summer days this year, with temperatures hitting the 80s ...
  Bellamy Pailthorp author

  ‘Curse of the wet weekends’ has had a strong hold on our region. What's behind it?

If you feel like you’re being punished by the weather for staying indoors during the workweek, you’re not alone. Lots of people in Western Washington have noticed a pattern of fair and sunny weather that abruptly turns to rain as soon as the weekend ar...
  Bellamy Pailthorp author

  Forecasting skill fades after two weeks. So how can scientists predict future climate?

We’re in for another cool, wet weekend. Rain and rain showers dominate the forecast through Monday night. High temperatures won’t get past the mid-60s. This is the kind of forecast most of us have come to rely on as we plan our activities, using radar ...
  Bellamy Pailthorp author

  A gloomy start to June — but mellow compared to last weekend’s powerful thunderstorms

Gray skies, rain showers and possible thunderstorms are in the forecast again. It’s a pretty typical for this time of year in the Pacific Northwest, where most people rattle off phrases such as "June Gloom" and "June-uary" to describe this kind of weat...
  Bellamy Pailthorp author

  ‘The Blob’ is back, warming temps and threatening marine ecosystems, but will it last?

After a string of warm and sunny days, residents of Western Washington were bracing for the effects of an upper level disturbance coming up from California. The weekend forecast calls for significant rain and possible thunderstorms, with temperatures d...
  Bellamy Pailthorp author