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Date Title & Description Contributors

  Season 4 Episode 1

Summer has arrived! Pour yourselves a large gin and tonic, find a nice patch of garden and relax with the weathercocks.
  James Page, Dan Butt, James Pitt author

  Emma and the Beast

This week the Beast from the East has brought extreme wintry weather to Britain's shores, the likes of which we haven't seen for years. It's been a snow lover's dream, but if you're a tad intrigued as to why it's all happened and what part storm Emma h...
  James Page, Dan Butt, James Pitt author

  Weathercocks Christmas Special 2017

Is there more snow in the forecast? How big would a building have to be to have its own weather? Do the weathercocks still think "The Schaff" is alright? Answers within!
  James Page, Dan Butt, James Pitt author

  Weathercocks Season 3 - Episode 2

As the first snow of the winter falls outside we have a nice long ramble chat about weather in films: crazy weather; inaccurate weather; weather that stills the beating heart of the silver screen and jolts it back to life with a lightning flash! Then ...
  James Page, Dan Butt, James Pitt author

  Emergency Snowverview

Update on the recent snowy weather in the UK, brought to you by the Weathercocks.
  James Page, Dan Butt, James Pitt author

  Weathercocks Season 3 - Episode 1

We kick off this episode with some extreme weather: after unraveling the mystery of the Red Sun that the UK experienced last month, we take a look at this year's very active hurricane season. Then it's all about what every Weathercock loves best - the...
  James Page, Dan Butt, James Pitt author

  Weathercocks Season 2 - The Lost Episode

Cast your ears back to mid-August and the faint murmurings of a long gone summer. We're back! After a seasonal hibernation Weathercocks return with an episode that almost never made it to air. We journey from microclimates to the world premiere of th...
  James Page, Dan Butt, James Pitt author

  Weathercocks Season 2 Episode 2

Join us for an episode of biblical proportions as we tackle such weighty issues as the ungodly Santa Ana winds, a plague of fleas heading for British shores this summer, and the looming threat of a possible 1976-esque drought. Fear not, it's not all d...
  James Page, Dan Butt, James Pitt author

  Weathercocks Season 2 - Episode 1

We're back! And to herald the beginning of our "warm" Season 2, we've got a late wintry cold snap on the horizon! Weather News makes its debut as we have a chat about what's been going on in the world of weather in the last few weeks. Then after a lo...
  James Page, Dan Butt, James Pitt author

  Weathercocks Conspiracy Theory Special

Storm Stella brought copious amounts of snow to the north east of the U.S. and winter might be making a return to British shores next week, but is the weather just one big conspiracy? Get your tin hats on and look up, as we explore the fantastic world ...
  James Page, Dan Butt, James Pitt author