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  Episode 30 for December 2016

Episode 30 of Wandering Universe.  Oh be a fine guy/girl kiss me.  This month is all about winter star colors.  No need to untangle a string of holiday lights and fumble around, just go outside and enjoy nature's display.

  Episode 29 for October 2016

Episode 29 of Wandering Universe.  A shorter episode this time talking about what you can see in the autumn sky.  The hunter's moon is on the wane for the rest of the month.  Also covered are a couple of news stories.

  Episode 28 for September 2016

Episode 28 of Wandering Universe.  In this episode I talk about a few news stories from last month and where to find some nice solar system objects.  Also I talk about the best part of September: Summer and Autumn constellations!  You can see some of t...

  Episode 27 for July 2016

Episode 27 of Wandering Universe.  This episode is the first of the new monthly format.  I have had so many things going on in the last couple of months but I didn't want to kill off the podcast!  This episode talks about Juno and its arrival at Jupite...

  Episode 26 for June 15th 2016

Episode 26 of Wandering Universe.  Another short episode this time. Since we're on the subject of summer, this show focuses on one of the season's most plentiful objects; globular clusters.  What are they?  News niblet about LIGO and the What's Up segm...

  Episode 25 for June 1st 2016

Episode 25 of Wandering Universe.  Another short episode this time, still due to medical reasons.  Summer stuff is coming so I'll talk about four constellations announcing its arrival.  One tiny news niblet about SpaceX and the What's Up segment round ...

  Episode 24 for May 15th 2016

Episode 24 of Wandering Universe.  Short episode this time due to medical reasons.  A moon washed sky is a good time for casual gazing at the moon, planets and double stars.  In news niblets I cover a couple of stories involving exoplanets.

  Episode 23 for May 1st 2016

Episode 23 of Wandering Universe.  This month Mercury will transit the sun.  Last episode will explain how to safely have a look.  This episode will focus on some fainter things to see while the moon is mostly out of the picture.  News niblets include ...

  Episode 22 for April 15th 2016

Episode 22 of Wandering Universe.  Next month is when Mercury will transit the sun.  This episode will explain how to safely have a look at our big ball of hydrogen fusing nuclear power safely.  Also a little news out of SpaceX and a little news out of...

  Episode 21 for April 1st 2016

Episode 21 of Wandering Universe.  With the waning, then crescent moon this half of the month it's a good time to look for those spring galaxies I talked about last month.  In the news, Japan's Hitomi space telescope is in trouble and Jupiter took a sl...