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  Your Podcast Or Mine Interview – Varmints! – 128

Your Podcast Or Mine Interview! This week we are sharing an interview we did with Sherry Thomas on her show Your Podcast Or Mine. Enjoy! [...]
  Paul Csomo author

  Meerkats – Varmints! – 127

Meerkats! Meerkats are super cute and smart. They are also violent gang members. This week Paul and Donna talk about these little beasties and monster [...]
  Paul Csomo author

  Manatees and Dugongs – Varmints! – 126

Manatees and Dugongs! Things get more than a little gassy and silly as Paul and Donna talk about manatees and dugongs this week! Lettuce learn [...]
  Paul Csomo author

  Condors- Varmints! – 125

Condors! Paul and special guest co-host Chris Braaten join forces this week to talk about some uniquely awesome Californian birds: condors! Chris Braaten is the [...]
  Paul Csomo author

  Lobsters – Varmints! – 124

Lobsters! The show notes for our episode about lobsters are on the way. Please check back for cool/interesting/funny lobster information as well as links to [...]
  Paul Csomo author

  Koalas – Varmints! – 123

Koalas! Koalas are cute, cuddly and NOT BEARS! Join Paul and Donna as they unpack the fascinating lives of these adorable little varmints from Down [...]
  Paul Csomo author

  Tiger Sharks – Varmints! – 122

Tiger Sharks! To wrap up our very own take on Shark Week 2019 Paul and Donna talk about fantastic and interesting tiger sharks! Show notes [...]
  Paul Csomo author

  Hammerhead Sharks – Varmints SHARK WEEK 2019!

SHARK WEEK! Hammerhead Sharks! Chris Green (Toph) from the GravityBeard podcast joins Donna this week to discuss those bizarre and wonderful hammerhead sharks! Thanks so [...]
  Paul Csomo author

  Great White Sharks – Varmints SHARK WEEK 2019!

SHARK WEEK! Great White Sharks! In this week’s Varmints podcast we’ll revisit Great White Sharks! In Paul and Donna’s first episode together we’re going to dive straight [...]
  Paul Csomo author

  North American Hawks – Varmints! – 121

North American Hawks! Paul and Donna wing it today talking about those beautiful, fast, and it turns out, smartypants predators, North American Hawks! We’ll hear [...]
  Donna Hume author