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  Talking Biotech Begins Year 10! with Dr. Liza Dunn

Today's episode marks the beginning of the 10th year of the Talking Biotech Podcast.  To celebrate, Drs. Liza Dunn and Kevin Folta discuss the last decade of biotech breakthroughs and communications efforts, the fight against technology and the amazing...
  Colabra author

  Targeting Chronic Inflammation Via the Inflamasome - Dr. David Bearss

Chronic inflammation goes hand-in-hand with many diseases, complicating symptoms and affecting routes of treatment. What is the molecular basis of inflammation, and can it be targeted by new drugs? Scientists have studied the molecular basis of the inf...
  Colabra author

  Development of Biotech Partnerships

Strategic partnerships are becoming more important in development and deployment of biotechnology solutions. Today's panel discusses the way partnerships are formed, some of the important considerations with IP and licensing, and how relationships are ...
  Colabra author

  Journal Club - Were "High Levels" of Glyphosate Found in Sperm? - Dr. Andrea Love

The news reports say that scientists have found "high levels" of herbicide in human sperm, and suggest it is a cause of infertility. But what do the data really say? Dr. Andrea Love and I discuss the paper. A report by Vasseur et al., in the June 2024 ...
  Colabra author

  Standardizing Therapeutic Protein Production in Plants - Jim Wilson

Where many therapeutic compounds are raised in bacteria or fungi, plants sometimes offer many advantages as bioreactors. Capital and production costs are lower, and products may be edible instead of injectable. The problem tends to be standardization, ...
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  Canadian Rules for Gene Editing - Jennifer Hubert

Canada has a unique approach to plant genetic improvement that follows the product, not the process. In other words, if there is potential risk from any genetic manipulation technique, from polyploidization to transgenic to gene edits, Canadian regulat...
  Colabra author

  Overcoming CAR-T Cell Bottlenecks - Dr. Andy Scherenberg

Immunotherapy is weaponizing the body's immune system against cancer or other disease. One of the most promising approaches is CAR-T cell therapy, yet as this technology has been implemented, it's limitations have been identified. Dr. Andy Schernberg d...
  Colabra author

  The FDA Regulatory Ecosystem- Expert Panel Discusses the Process

How do new drug applications move forward to approval?  Four experts discuss the partnership between the FDA, the drug developer, and the data needed to move a product forward. It is a surprising discussion that reveals the depth of the FDA process.  J...
  Colabra author

  The Psychology of Risk - Dr. Felicia Wu

We live in amazing times of technological advance, but how are the real benefits of new tech lost to an inflated sense of risk?  Dr. Felicia Wu from Michigan State University shares her expertise in describing the psychological basis of risk and applyi...
  Colabra author

  Restoring the Forest with GE American Chestnut - Dr. Andy Newhouse and Erik Carlson

This is an update on the American Chestnut Restoration Project, as discussed previously on the podcast. The American Chestnut dominated the forests of Appalachia until an imported fungus destroyed the entire range. Efforts to restore the chestnut and i...
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