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  Episode 117: Policy vs. Advice

Just two bros that are having a good time. Which two? No spoilers. Notes “Making a Crypto Utopia in Puerto Rico” Johann Hari went on Joe Rogan’s podcast to plug his new book, Lost Connections. Zach listened to that podcast. I listened to Zach tell me a...
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  Episode 116: Space Wushu

Hi. We’re back. A bit more on that: We got busy. Not in the way Humpty did. No, just in the regular way. The way mundanities pile up, into a pile, and then you have to dig yourself out of that pile and put the pile somewhere. Oh, there’s another pile o...
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  Episode 115: Eric Schwitzgebel on Introspection, AI, and Consciousness

Eric Schwitzgebel is here to make you doubt and ponder all kinds of stuff. Check it. Eric Schwitzgebel is a professor of philosophy, a blogger, and a science fiction writer. His output is crazy expansive—and from what I’ve read so far, crazy good. And ...
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  Episode 114: John Danaher on Having Sex with Robots

One of our faves, John Danaher, returns to the program. What do we talk about? Oh, nothing all that exciting: just SEX ROBOTS! Seriously, John‘s the best. Listen to the chat, read the book (Robot Sex), follow the links, live happy life. Peace. Notes Tw...
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  Episode 113: Future Monsters

Will the future judge us harshly? Well, will it? Tell us, future listeners. Notes Hey, we came in at #43 on the 2017 World Press Freedom Index! U, S, A! U, S, A! Perhaps I spoke hastily when reporting those figures for vegetarianism/veganism. This 2010...
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  Episode 112: The News Tightens

We’re besieged on all sides by useless information. In retaliation, here is our rambling defense of deliberate ignorance and simplicity. If you’re a news junkie, ask yourself this question on occasion: what can I do with this information? However, neve...
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  Episode 111: Michael Garfield on Paleontological Futurism

Let’s study the future with Michael Garfield. Come on, let us! Michael Garfield is the host of the Future Fossils podcast, as well as a writer, fine artist, and musician. And he’s our buddy now, yay! Travel with us to the edges of the Broosphere, won’t...
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  Episode 110: Andrew G. Ferguson on Big Data and Predictive Policing

Andrew G. Ferguson stars in this delightfully chilling conversation about the future of big data and law enforcement. Also starring Scott, Tom, Zach, and featuring Beyoncé Knowles-Carter as “Beyoncé.” Andrew G. Ferguson is a professor of law at the Uni...
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  Episode 109: Moral Mark Out

Moral illusions and whether we ought to fall for them. Additionally: Captain Planet. Mark Out: To temporarily forget that wrestling is fake because something cool happened. I think I’ve been guilty of marking out for ethical consumerism, ethical eating...
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  Episode 108: Hurricane Happy Hour

More weather-based wonder in the works. Welcome. We back wit dat conceptual freshness. Will we ever run out of hot newness? Don’t count on it. Hurricane Happy Hour “Scientists have spiders producing enhanced web that can hold a human” “Denmark’s Corpor...
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