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  Science in a Cup: Forest Health

What is forest health? How do we protect them from invasive species (and what are they?). Dr David Coyle ( from the University of Georgia explains!
  Alexie author

  Science in a Cup: Conservation Genomics

Who is the new ally for a threatened species, extinct in its southern range? Dr Kerensa McElroy explains to us the value of new DNA technologies for species conservation. In a new crowdfunded collaboration with the Hawkesbury Institute, Kerensa is usin...
  Alexie Papanicolaou author

  Science in a Cup: Ecosystem

How do trees and microbes integrate to maximise productivity? Dr Francis Martin from France's INRA (Europe's top agricultural research institute) explains "ecosystem" and how his research institute uses this concept in their business model with the ind...
  Alexie Papanicolaou author

  Science in a Cup: Bushfires

Bushfires, or wildfires, are something that citizens of dry places such as Australia and California have to live with every summer. Dr Hamish Clarke explains.
  Alexie Papanicolaou author

  Science in a Cup: Drought stress

Dr Markus Nolf explains how trees deal with the stress of drought and avoid embolisms (I had no idea trees had them, but they do!).
  Alexie Papanicolaou author

  Science in a Cup: Science

Welcome to the second season of Science in a Cup. In this first episode, our host, Alexie, is giving us his take on the word 'science'!
  Alexie Papanicolaou author

  Science in a Cup: Western

Dr Yalin Liao has joined us from the Australian National University with a story about one of the most basic techniques is Life Sciences, Western (blotting).
  Alexie Papanicolaou author

  Science in a Cup: Stress

Dr Kay Anantanawat from the Murdoch University and Western Sydney University introduces how fruit flies (such as the pest Queensland fruit fly) perceive and cope with (environmental) stress.
  Alexie Papanicolaou author

  Science in a Cup: Communication

Boost your science knowledge with a Science in a Cup: In just a few minutes, HDR candidate Johanna Wong explains how plants and microbes communicate and how she is deciphering their vocabulary!
  Alexie Papanicolaou author

  Science in a Cup: Probiotics

Deane Woruba from the Western Sydney University introduces the concept of probiotics, fitness, microbiomes and how his PhD research is helping farmers manage a terrible insect pest (Tephritid fruit flies such as the Queensland fruit fly).
  Alexie Papanicolaou author