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  100 | Hunting Couples Therapy Session - Working Class On DeerCast

The 100th episode of Working Class On DeerCast Series!! This week we decided to switch it up! Curt's wife Samantha, hunting couple Rachael & Andy Bushak, and Drew & Nick Morris all join this episode to have an overdue couples "Hunting Therapy S...
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  The Art of Passing Bucks with Jon Forman | CC Hunt Files

In this episode Clint sits down with Big Buck Guru, Jon Forman! Jon uncovers why he has a developed a knack for passing “Good” bucks, in order to hopefully grow “Giant” bucks! Jon and Clint discuss the importance of hunting the caliber of deer that YOU...
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  592 Old Barn Taxidermy / Legendary Safaris

This week Old Barn Taxidermy and Legendary Safaris are in the WCB studio! We talk about Old Barn, what is G2 Taxidermy supply, and talk about hunting South Africa with Stuart Pringle! Enjoy! We are booking hunts for 2024 WCB / Old Barn Spring Bear Camp...
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  EP 99 | Patreon Ask Us Anything!- Working Class On DeerCast

This week we let the WCB Patreon community steer the direction of the podcast with an “Ask us anything” format! We answer random deer hunting questions on the fly! Would you rather have 1,000 acres of continuous hunting or 10 separate 100-acre farms? E...
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  Thinking Like A Buck with Austin Chandler | CC Hunt Files

On this week's episode, Clint sits down in the studio with Austin Chandler! Austin is a well-oiled, big-buck killing machine, with a ton of BIG whitetails to his credit. Clint has Austin break down why it’s so important, as a bowhunter, to try our best...
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  591 Novix Treestands

Mark and Dwayne from Novix Treestands join us in the studio this week! Novix is an American-made treestand company making the best aluminum stands currently on the market! Use Code WCB10 at  https://workingclassbowhunter...
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  EP 98 | Work, Life, Family, & Bowhunting with Cole Jagger - Working Class On DeerCast

This week Cole Jagger joins the show! Cole works full-time for the Arrow McLaren IndyCar team! He talks about balancing work, life, and family along with a strong passion for archery and bowhunting. Cole tells some great stories of seeing his late fath...
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  Western Struggles with Scottie Sullivan | CC Hunt Files

This week Clint has on good buddy Scottie Sullivan, who recently has dove into the intricacies of Western Bowhunting! Scottie breaks down what made him choose to get into Bowhunting out West and how it has changed his lifestyle, both physically and men...
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  590 Elite Archery / Respect The Game TV

This week Larry McCoy and Ryan Hueser join the podcast in the studio! They talk about Elite bows, past bows, deep conversations on bowhunting, and more! Enjoy! Y...
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  EP 97 | Wildlife Artist - Dustin Dattilio - Working Class On DeerCast

This week Wildlife Artist Dustin Dattilio joins Curt and Eric. Dustin is an amazing artist from Vermont who does all kinds of wildlife paintings, custom paintings, and more! We also talk about some shocking stats about Vermont hunting! Enjoy! *Click he...
  Working Class Bowhunter author