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  647 Is The Internet Bad For Hunting?

Is the internet bad for hunting? Does talking about hunting on social media, podcasts, and major news outlets help or hurt us in the end? This week we have a listener in to talk and debate his thoughts on hunting influencers, media, and more. This is a...
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  646 Aluma Trailers

Al Laubenthal from Aluma Trailers joins us this week in the studio! Aluma is an all-aluminum USA-made trailer company out of Iowa. Aluma has been assisting sportsmen and hard-working people get to their passions and work projects since 1992. Enjoy! ht...
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  645 Chris Bee

This week Chris Bee and Kaitlyn Maus are in the WCB Studio! We catch up with them and talk about their start, hunts, archery, and more! Enjoy!
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  644 WCB "OGS"

This week we have some of the "WCB OGS" crew in for a classic hunting camp style B.S. Session! Enjoy! Find WCB On Social: FaceBook | Instagram | TikTok For Video podcasts, hunts, Vlogs, and more check out the WCB YouTube by clicking here!  The WCB Pod...
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  The Return Of Thompson Center Arms with Gregg Ritz - The Victory Drive Podcast

This week we have a WCB / Victory Drive Podcast Collab! We bring some big news this week with Gregg Ritz and the RETURN of Thompson Center Arms! Tune in to hear all the details! Enjoy! Follow the Victory Drive Podcast on socials or...
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  Larry Bloomquist and FSI - G2 Taxidermy Podcast

The FIRST episode of the G2 Taxidermy podcast coming from the WCB Studio! This will be a new casual monthly series for the taxidermy industry and bonus content for regular WCB listeners! This week Mike Chambers and Raul Dacomba from FSI are in to talk ...
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  643 Big Tine Blend Breakdown

This week Daryl and Joe from Big Tine are in the WCB studio! The guys break down some new food plot blends - Peas & Tubers and Advantage Turnips, they also talk about WHY PEAR!? Curt asked Daryl lots of questions people often wonder about but never...
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  642 Blake Garrett

Blake Garrett is in the WCB studio this week! Blake is a high-level hunter chasing whitetails, western big game, and predators. Blake has some fun takes on social media and is a top-tier content creator! Enjoy!
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  641 Jimmy "John" Liautaud

Jimmy " John" Liautaud is in the WCB studio this week! Jimmy is famous for starting the sandwich chain "Jimmy John's"! Jimmy gets into being self-made, his passion for hunting, and some of his favorite trips he's been on! Enjoy! Find WCB On Social: F...
  Working Class Bowhunter author

  640 Nicole Elfmann

This week Nicole Elfmann joins the guys in the WCB Studio! Nicole is a Minnesota-based passionate hunter. This episode covers a bit of everything! What is your whitetail top 5 hit list!? Enjoy! Find WCB O...
  Working Class Bowhunter author