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  A New Foundation for Progress

Pre-show: Casey’s phoenix Follow-up: More on “S-Tier” (via kuriko) More on the HP iPod (via Voline) David Schaub identifies the iMac clone that Apple sued over European Union regulations & profits (via Yury Molodtsov) More on non-competes (via G...
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  The Best Secret Store

Pre-show: Casey’s tales of woe Fully Herman Miller Jarvis Follow-up: An 🎵 accidental 🎵 miss from the iPod Tier List special (via Scott Shuchart) The origins of S-Tier in tier lists (via David Schaub) Grading in Japan AirPods Pro do have an inw...
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  We Just Found It on the Doorstep

Pre-show: Casey’s lunchtime soundtrack New member’s special: iPod Tier List Follow-up: Is the genesis of the red/black U2 iPod How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (via Brian Hamilton) An additional “feature” of the U2 iPods (via Max Velasco Knott) O...
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  Not a European Lawyer

Pre-show: Casey’s thought processes and traditions The Last Dance Follow-up: iCloud Keychain browser integration in Sequoia Ricky Mondello on Chrome Native Messaging JSON files documentations Simeon (formerly Chrome, now Firefox) weighs in ...
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  I Think He Won the Game

Pre-show: Marco’s nethers and the Vision Pro The Talk Show Live from WWDC 2024 Theatre (App Store link) Sandwich SpatialGen ATP Interview: Holly Borla & Ben Cohen Microsoft Recall 7 June: Microsoft Recall will be opt-in 13 June: Microsoft Rec...
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  ATP Interview: Holly Borla & Ben Cohen

Holly Borla: Swift Language Engineering Manager @holly on Mastodon Ben Cohen: Senior Software Engineering Manager, Swift Team @airspeedswift on Mastodon
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  That's Why I Like Computers

Our WWDC 2024 recap episode. Sponsored by: DeleteMe: DeleteMe makes it quick, easy and safe to remove your personal data online. Trade Coffee: Enjoy 30% off your first month of coffee.
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  Buy Your Car an iPhone

Pre-show: Marco’s fans Peltier plate Marco’s mount The alternative stronger cooler Cooler only, without charging Follow-up: Snapdragon X actually runs at 45 TOPS (via sciwizam) Justin Long shills for Qualcomm Commercial Snapdragon Computex ...
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  The Correct Amount of Rocks

Follow-up: New Vision Pro Content Experience Immersive (“Sizzle Reel”) Adventure Episode 2: Parkour What If…? Jason Snell’s review Even the low-storage 13” iPad Pros have 12 GB of RAM, despite only using 8 GB? 🤨 Editors’ note: Thanks to Elo...
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  Sync Up Your Cycle

Follow-up: John’s iPad Pro (M4) review MKBHD’s magnets reel doesn’t show the rail; it’s on the cover. (via Odin) The iPad Pro can bend, but it’s difficult JerryRigEverything @ 8m40s Quinn’s stunning Pencil Pro observation Sebastian de With Zo...
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