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  Episode 28: StaeFli Farms - Oregon Rooted

Our special guest is OhriginalDankster from StaeFli Farms.  This is a notill medical farm located in Southern Oregon representing our very own Rogue Valley.  Special shout out to StaefliFarmsWitch.  Behind every good hardworking man is an even better w...
  Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author

  Episode 27: Full Spec Genetics - Oregon Rooted

Our Special Guest this week is Hope Breeder from Full Spec Genetics!  He is an up and coming breeder with some serious strains.  We are sun growing of few this season in a greenhouse and will be keeping listeners posted all year. Interview Link: Full S...
  Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author

  Episode 26: Elevation Organics - Oregon Rooted

Our special guest is Kyle from Elevation Organics!  We get the opportunity to pick the brain of a Colorado pioneer.  Oregon is known for its top shelf organic flower and Kyle has brought the nutrients to support what the OG’s have to offer. Show Suppor...
  Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author

  The Dirt Show: Episode 25 - Oregon Rooted

Time to grab your favorite piece, sit back with your best fire and enjoy Episode 25.  We dive into an inspirational story told by a veteran of the Vietnam war.  Larry, our special guest, explains how he is scared to ever quit consuming cannabis as medi...
  Oregon Rooted author

  Episode 24: Rogue Farmers live - Oregon Rooted

This week we talk with Rogue Farmers in our first ever live event at Talent Health Club.  We talk grow and regulations.  Please join us for some serious grow talk and prize giveaways: Interviews: Rogue Farmers Talent Health Club Supporters: Vaporous Pi...
  Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author

  #23: Jason W./Kenevir Research - Oregon Rooted

We catch up with Jason Wilson from Kenevir Research this week and clear the air concerning the newest changes to the regulations on December 2nd.  He explains how to work with your trusted lab and streamline a very complicated process.  He also shares ...
  Oregon Rooted author

  Episode 22 - Oregon Rooted

This week’s episode goes into depth with Lady Sativa on Oregon Canna News.  The state has seen some insane obstacles in cannabis testing rules and the requirements just keep changing.  Also, Higherpeaks goes into some grow talk by chatting about the ba...
  Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author

  Episode 21: Laurel James, RN. - Oregon Rooted

This episode we go medical with special guest Laurel James, RN.  She is an experienced medical professional with a passion for sharing the benefits of cannabis.  Join us with some of your own medicine as we take a walk through the world of cannabis as ...
  Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author

  Episode 20: Shadowbox Farms - Oregon Rooted

Welcome to Episode 20!  Our special guest is Dani Jurmann, CEO, with Shadowbox Farms.  We wanted a big show and what better way than to bring in a leading Tier 2 farm to talk about not only sun growing in fields, but more importantly, large scale green...
  Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author

  Episode 19: Golden Beaver Farms - Oregon Rooted

TheHappy Halloween.  This week’s special guests are Bryce and Mathew from Golden Beaver Farms.  We have a grower sit down and talk about our tour we had in August.  The crew loves their flower and edibles, as they are both on another level, but what se...
  Higherpeaks, Lady Sativa author