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  Midnight in the Desert - The Permanents: A Paranormal Case Study

On this episode of Midnight in the Desert with Dave Shrader, Jay Verburg and Neil McNeill discuss their current documentary film project. The Permanents: A Paranormal Case Study.
  Oregon Paranormal Radio author

  Paranormal Round Table

On this special paranormal round table episode we welcomed some of our closest friends and colleagues from around the Pacific Northwest to discuss a list of of subjects that aren't always addressed within the field. Topics like integrity, best practice...
  Oregon Paranormal Radio author

  Coastal Legends LIVE from the Oregon Ghost Conference 2016

Recorded live at the 5th annual Oregon Ghost Conference Jay and Casey sit down to discuss coastal legends and even take a stab at finding the Bandage Man of Canon Beach and even document their trip on camera which can be seen at the below link. https...
  Oregon Paranormal Radio author

  Shawn Flye of P.S.S.T

Tonight we had the opportunity to sit down with our good friend and colleague, Shawn Flye. As founder of the Paranormal Scientific Society Team, Shawn shared stories from his past which ultimately helped forge his passion for the paranormal and also fi...
  Oregon Paranormal Radio author

  Oregon Paranormal

On this installment, Jay Verburg and Katie Montana Jordan take the helm as hosts and welcome Oregon Paranormal founders, Casey Goodwin and Scott Riedel to the show. Celebrating 7 years of Oregon Paranormal Scott and Casey discuss the origins of the tea...
  Oregon Paranormal Radio author

  Legendary Monsters of Christmas Special

Join Casey, Scott, and guest hosts Jay Verburg and Katie Montana Jordan as we wrap up the year with some holiday dread. On this episode we focus on the history and folklore surrounding some of the worlds most terrifying holiday figures. So stoke the ...
  Oregon Paranormal Radio author

  LIVE at the Port Gamble Ghost Conference

On this episode we examine the history and research being done in the town of Port Gamble, Washington, and more specifically the Walker Ames House with guests Pete Orbea, Michael White, and Neil McNeill.
  Oregon Paranormal Radio author

  Parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach

We had the opportunity to sit down with world renowned author, lecturer and Parapsychologist, Loyd Auerbach to discuss his work in the parapsychological study of telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, near-death experiences, reincarnatio...
  Oregon Paranormal Radio author

  Ouija Board Historian, Robert Murch

On this episode we welcomed Ouija Board historian and Chairman of the Board himself, Robert Murch. Early on in the show it seemed as though the mystifying oracle was trying to slow us down as we plagued with a few technical glitches, but alas we prevai...
  Oregon Paranormal Radio author

  Dead Time's Tyler Fedderson

Tonight Scott attempts to conjure a Mexican demon while taking the Charlie Challenge. Then we welcome to the show our good friend and colleague, Tyler Fedderson of Ghostface Paranormal and the documentary series, Deadtime: We discussed Tyler's roots in...
  Oregon Paranormal Radio author